Fur and feathers

0659/13th April 2021

This morning’s sky was not what you could call inspiring and after breakfast, there was no visible sign of improvement.

It was positively gloomy.

Although, there was the sun, trying to peek through

A solid bank of low, dark cloud. But is was drifting…

And what do you know….it was drifting away.

Above the stone, the remains of the bush I removed.

It’s as the perfect place for those seeds Grant got.

Local wildlife may have got a memo to say that the old lady “up there” needs help keeping her weeds under control and they have sent a delegation to see what they can do:

“Just tell me what to nibble, missus”.

Though they get distracted by sunflower seeds

Last summer we didn’t see much in the way of bunnies, having been spoiled the year before with little baby buns that were so cute. Maybe this is them all grown up. They are rather pretty and I have a big soft spot for bunnies.

Little Red and Zoomer were competing today to see who could stuff their face faster.

Maybe that’s why our Towhee hasn’t turned up today. We noticed he was back on Sunday, probably the same solitary chap who was with us last year. We kept hoping we’d see him with a mate, but never did.

The Thrasher was back on Sunday as well, but he keeps well hidden. The above are from last year. He is a very fine-looking bird. He rushes about on the ground at top speed.

Not all our usual summer crowd are back yet. We still hope to see grosbeaks and goldfinches, house martins and maybe the oriole could visit for more than a single day this year!So too the pretty little Carolina wren. Before long I’ll have to get the hummingbird feeder out. Perhaps we may even see someone new this year.

Apart from the bunnies, chipmunks and squirrels, we haven’t seen too many furry creatures of late, not even the stray cats that used to come by. But I always keep my eyes peeled.

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