0615/7th April 2021

It’s nice having long, light evenings, but some days I could do with less early light.

It always wakes me up and it’s hard to roll over when there may be something worth seeing outside.

This morning I was all prepared to say “nuts” and at least languish a bit longer, if not snooze.

But I always have to glance out, just in case.

There wasn’t a lot of cloud this morning, to make a good sunrise, but then I noticed the moon and because it’s unusual to see sun and moon rise in sequence, I forced myself up.

The moon quickly disappeared but by then I was up and the cats were in full on “Breakfast!” mode.

If you hope to get back to sleep, never let a cat know you’ve opened your eyes!

However, I don’t want to be creating expectancies, so I took a few more pictures and waited for Grant to surface.,

It’s interesting and I suppose significant, that there are many more contrails these days:

These two in particular caught my interest:

My pal Tim would be able to get on the website he uses and find out exactly where those two ‘planes started from and were heading for. Flight24 or something like that. I think he plays Air Traffic Control from his place in Brooklyn.


In a minute I have to get ready for a fun afternoon with Pain Management, so I shall be signing off for now.

It won’t be a big deal, just a needle or two in the neck and they don’t usually hurt. Though last time I had one, the doctor hit something a bit sensitive and my body auto-levitated off the table.

The doctor asked “what was that?” a bit crossly, which was one of the reasons I “fired” that gang. I hadn’t intentionally moved. It was an involuntary reaction to what felt like an electric shock and I thought: “I should be asking you what that was about!” I ended up with a 36 hour headache.

But today is going to be different.

Here’s a picture of the nice evening light I was mentioning.

6 thoughts on “Contrails

  1. Color of the sky so beautiful and that plane…… bring the hope……🙂
    Your acupuncturist might hit the nerve I guess….. be careful. Hope you will feel better. Take a care!

  2. Those first two shots are magnificent! I hope your facet joint injections go smoothly and you achieve some pain relief from them. I have had them in my lumbar spine and hip before resorting to surgeries.

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