Faux pas

6th April 2021

Early clouds that provided a fiery dawn pealed away, leaving us with a clear blue sky from horizon to horizon.

A breeze out of the North still provides a slight chill but I’m in no hurry to rush into Summer which will be here soon enough.

Mr Sleepy put in an early appearance, a bit like a submarine breaking the ocean surface, ready to dive, dive, dive should anything untoward be happening.

He’d obviously eaten breakfast and come up looking for seconds:

He provides daily amusement. We are hoping there maybe babies again later on.

Grant and I took tea while he tried to persuade me that I should ditch my inefficient phone company in favour of “What’s App”. He’s no better with technology than I am, and he makes it look simple, so he may be right.

My problem is more that I don’t particularly want to make phone calls, period. When I was a kid, telephones quite often brought bad news.

It was expensive, so one used it only when necessary. You didn’t call your mates for a long chat.

Why make excuses? I don’t like telephones. One cannot exist now without, but maybe there’s a cheaper plan…


The windowsill cats, Willow and Lily watching Sophia at the back door. Naughty Willow chases her šŸ™

Dismissing telephone issues, Grant updated me on the deer grass he planted recently and took me to view it.

We were in the Tractor Supply store one day buying bird seed and other stuff and when we got home Grant realized he had picked up a wrong bag. It was deer grass seed.

We decided he may as well plant it. There’s not a lot of soil here, so we weren’t sure how it would take…

It’s looking good so far! The idea is that the deer will have something to eat, not that it will repel them. Up here, you see people like to attract deer, with bad intentions, at certain times of year. Hunters are not allowed on my property!

When I looked up “deer grass” I discovered that some people plant grasses to keep deer away and for a moment I thought maybe we’d made another faux pas, but I was happy to find that we didn’t.


When we first came here, we were perplexed by the poor lighting in what would have been the dining area, had we not altered the layout.

We tried different bulbs in the light fixture and concluded that it was worn out, so off we went to fetch a new one.

Grant installed it with a small amount of cursing, then we turned it on: What the hell! Still dark.

We were flummoxed.

Until one day, quite by accident, Grant found that the switch has a dimmer lever which, of course, was left in the “dimmest” position.

Didn’t we feel like a couple of Charlies?


Ms Cardinal was flirting this morning.

Whether for the benefit of the male nearby, or if she was just showing off all her different angles for the camera, I’m not sure.

She’s a very attractive little bird.


Tomorrow I’m having my first trial facet block injection. I hope that’s not a faux pas!

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