2nd April 2021

It was a busy time at the bird feeders this morning,

after I filled them up and emptied ice from the bird baths.

They are looking decidedly bashed after all the hammering of the past 3 months! We are still not quite done with cold nights.

In fact, it’s been trying really hard to snow over the past 24 hours., with periodic furious flurries.

It’s as if the Winter God is frustrated. He wanted to finish up with a jolly good blizzard to match the one he started with!

The red-breasted woodpecker usually feasts at the suet but today it fancied some seed, so it joined the fray on the ground, with the doves, brown-headed cowbirds and red-wings, as well as the multiple LBJ’s.

The woodpecker has not yet learned the etiquette of sharing and it had a go at one of the red-wings (out of focus, sorry), but for the most part the little gang were very good-natured.

A great example of how we can all get along with those who are different. It’s no effort. We need to just do it!


A minor triumph.

My wee clock fell to the floor once too often. It still knew the hour, but it was always half-past, owing to the fact that the minute hand had come adrift.

Scrutinizing it, I thought it was done for.

Then I took a closer look. And managed to take it all apart, discovering, I didn’t need to have done that

The front comes off quite easily.

So now it’s all fixed.

The only problem is, the alarm rings 10 hours ahead of the time you wish to be wakened.

Which is a little awkward to work out.

And I’m not sure I would depend on it.

I’m waiting to see if it will go off at 7pm….

Alarm clocks aren’t needed in a house with 11 cats.

They always know when we should get up.

Sikkim sang a serenade after lunch today.

She picked up her little blue felt mouse and sang to it.

And then she abandoned it.

Cats are so fickle.

2 thoughts on “Times

  1. Take the front off again. Turn the alarm set knob until you hear a small click and stop. Hold the alarm set knob so it cannot move and at the same time force the alarm indicator hand round until it is in line with the hour hand. Replace the front. Job done. I’ll send my invoice!

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