All wet

1st April 2021

On the way to the village this morning, I made Grant stop so I could catch some shots of water droplets on the trees and bushes, results not being terribly successful although I do like the colours of wet vegetation!

Especially the lichens.

Today it was Grant’s turn to get a Covid shot, so as I waited for him outside Walgreen’s I looked to see what was happening, which was nothing, mostly.

However I was interested in these rather bedraggled trees.

Trying hard to bloom, but very wet from snow/rain.

At a closer glance, I wasn’t sure that they hadn’t already bloomed. The flowers are something I’ve not noticed before. On checking, I see they are Red Maples. I must make a point of driving by on a day when the sun is out!

High overhead a hawk was surfing the wind.

A turkey vulture, maybe.

In spite of the gloom, my glasses had gone dark which made it hard for me to track the bird.

There seem to be a lot of them about just now.

Grant survived his fifteen minute hold and we wended our way home, where my camera pointed at the other side of the road.

What a tangled web.

Looking quite different with the snow finally all gone. Not a creature in sight.

Well, except for 11 anxious cats peering out to see if we would be back in time for lunch.

“Looking for them.” “No, I don’t see them!”

Poor Willow had a goopy eye for a couple of days, so we had to administer terramycin . It’s the best thing for kitties with sore eyes, but they aren’t keen to have it applied. I don’t blame them. When my eyes were itching recently, Grant gave me the treatment!

For ages now, I have been without a mouse-pad, instead using a book with a laminated cover, but I was able to order a custom made pad for less than $8, so I used this picture of Willow.

It’s lovely. But it doesn’t work nearly as well as the book cover.

This I discovered this morning as I whizzed through my emails to see what was what and to my disgust found another reason to curse out my previous Internet Service Provider.

We were done, finished, book closed.

So why had they billed me $300?

The awful thing about it was that it meant I had to call them and listen once again to their mind numbingly awful music.

Turns out they never got their equipment back.

I had placed everything in the box they supplied and launched it pronto and according to UPS, it was delivered on Feb 10th.

But if those people can’t track it down, I am going to have to argue with UPS.

Why do I feel I’ve already lost the battle?

Every foot I move forward, I seem to move two back.

“That’s awful”, says Zoomer.

“Are you planning to supply peanuts this year?”

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