Returned and undelivered mail

It’s not just me. There’s been a depression over the area for the past four days now

Today it resulted in a very brief thunderstorm, as if testing a system that has been unused for a few months.

It was successful enough to send cats under beds.

Then the sun reappeared for five minutes but it was soon overtaken by scudding clouds.

Later on, we are promised “damaging winds.”

Maybe they will blow cobwebs away.

But it’s not feeling like it.

Mail deliveries of late have not been exactly “lifting”.

For today, the USPS had a special surprise:

A whole fistful of unsent and undelivered mail, including a card I sent over a year ago to a friend who was dying in hospital. At the time the card should have arrived, she would still have been able to process the message that I was thinking of her.

A birthday card to a special friend. 2 cards to an old lady in a nursing home.

A card I had made myself and taken time over, to congratulate someone I respect and wish him well in his new practice.

All pried open and cast aside.

And USPS sat on it all for months.

They make me sick.

And they still didn’t find the book that was never delivered. All I got was the label in a plastic bag.

The form letter attached to this pile of mail invites me to complain, “if items originally contained are missing”. Somehow I don’t think there is compensation for encouragement not delivered.

Here’s something I learned. Acupuncture is very effective for depression. I imagine its efficiency depends on the person and on the depth or type of depression. It lifted me up for two days.

Which is good to know. But I can’t get acupuncture every other day!

Some when soon the gloom will lift…

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