20th March 2021

The Polar Cap is not melting, I’ve decided, it’s just shifted to Cambridge and is currently situated above the flower bed I was hoping would produce Spring flowers.

That is not going to happen anytime soon, obviously, as one cannot even chip away the ice. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so totally FROZEN!

Although, this great lump, snow that was plowed from the driveway, has shrunk somewhat (the smaller it gets, the harder!) as was apparent last night when I put out my light and attempted to sleep.

There are numerous conspiracies afoot to prevent this from happening.

One involves my computer, which I tell to “sleep”, but certain nights it waits till I am hovering in that “almost” zone and then it springs back awake “HELLO! WAKEY, WAKEY!!!”

Blasted thing. Shutting it down totally means password fiasco next time I need it….don’t ask…

Last night, before the computer did its thing, I noticed a bright light outside which hadn’t been there before. It was one of those solar things that had finally emerged from the snow pack. I realized this, except that it was moving, up and down, forwards and backwards. I closed one eye which changed its shape, but not the motion.

Then the PC woke up and distracted me, so I got up to shut that wretched thing down and turned my back on the light, eventually drifting off until, in the small hours cats began to prowl.

Dawn comes early these days and unless it’s likely to be spectacular, I wallow for a bit. So I raised a blind to check, then lay back down and noticed a new development.

When you have double-vision, you are asked “are the images side by side or one above the other?” In my case, it’s always been side by side. This morning however, the horizon was double, one way above the other. Though it’s hard to imagine what side-by-side horizons would look like. Hmmm. Currently they have merged once more, so maybe it was just normal early morning bleary eyes.

But I still don’t understand why a stationary light would appear to be dancing about.


Optical illusions.

Now, I could tell you that one very dark cold night, recently, I went out to get pictures of the Universe and saw the Northern Lights.

But I didn’t. So I won’t.

This is just a reflection in the window of one of my crystals.

It appears my window glass is very grainy. Or…something…

This was a picture my camera just decided I had to take.

Snap. Well one thing I can say about it. It’s unique.

Never happened before, never will again.

A RARE image!

Too bad it’s not more exciting.

How about this?

Yesterday I offered a picture of a floating “aura”. It was round and when I looked closely at the picture, it had a reflection. So, hardly an aura.

This morning it was there again, but hexagonal and without reflection.

This is not editing trickery. This is just what appeared.

It’s all perfectly explainable, I know. I’m not looking for great mysteries. I am just fascinated by the endless variation of illusions light can create.

Grant is seldom excited by my photographic foibles, but for some reason he was keen on the images I took of my various crystals that catch the morning light:

And could you believe it, he got all excited about my “Ice Henge”. It’s not a henge anymore, though, just ice:


One day soon I have faith things will start to grow.

This brave little plant is the first.


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