20th March, 2021

The tree, above, is the most attractive sight in the landscape, currently.

Any Spring flowers that may have attempted to arrive are still buried firmly under this remaining, stubborn lump of ice.

That’s if various creatures didn’t dig up the bulbs for their dinner, of course and I wouldn’t take bets.

In previous years, I’m sure by this time we were experiencing what I call “pre-Spring”, that lovely time when buds just begin to break the skin of branches and bushes, and a few early flowers emerge.

Not this year. Somehow it all seems so bleak.

See what I mean…….?

A small flight of red-winged blackbirds returned recently, accompanied by a couple of grackle hangers-on, but no great arrivals or bird symphonies.

A token number of geese came by this morning but were not pleased to find their landing strip still frozen:

Still, we’re not far from the Hudson which has thawed. Last time we passed over it, I caught sight of geese that appeared to have goslings which seemed a little premature. Though what else could they have been? Grant seemed unconvinced, as he was driving and didn’t see them. According to what I read on the ‘net, we shouldn’t expect to see goslings till April-May, so….what were they?

Not ducks. Not loons. Tiny little creatures hanging out with geese. On the water. Like goslings.

OK, well this I did see and here’s the, I’ll admit, not very impressive proof.

As I was standing under the old apple tree, I looked up and saw a sweet Titmouse that stayed just long enough to sing me his little song.

So now I know the sound his kind make.

A bit like an old (but not ancient) British telephone. The ones that used to go “brrt…brttt!”

The ancient ones I first knew were positively obnoxious. They used to go: BRING BRING! BRING BRING! BRING BRING! and continued until someone picked up the receiver. Horrible noise.

Frighten the life out of you.

Good job they don’t do that now, although some people’s choices of cellphone sounds, in my view are equally awful.

In the interim of having nothing to photograph, I’m having to fall back on improvisation.

After Mr Titmouse flew off, I got this shot and then I played with the editor to create je ne sais pas quoi…..

Above, yesterday, was a fluke. I have crystals on the window sill, but where did a floating aura come from?

When the sun rises and lights the crystals, all sorts of interesting illusions occur. I love to watch them.

Tomorrow, I’ll post a few more, but in the meantime, here is the Sphinx of Cambridge:

She’s a mystery too.

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