Dawn patrol

1733/8th March 2021

Last night’s interesting sky…

…turned into this morning’s equally great tableau.

Time is a bit short today, so I am just going to post some more sky pictures.

The above were taken between 0630 and 0700. Then I switched the mode on my camera to see what would happen:

The first group are more realistic, but I kind of like the purple effect of “dawn mode”!

Grant made an announcement last night that he was going to be “on dawn patrol” this morning.

“Oh, what now?” I asked.

“Have to go to Rutland.”

“What time do you have to be there?”

“I said 0700.”

It’s a 90-minute drive, so I moaned.

“Well you don’t have to get up. I’ll just slide out the side door.You won’t hear a thing.”

My reply to that was “Grant you aren’t able to be quiet. Besides, what do you think the cats will do once you’ve got them up?” I like to wake up naturally, which I do at a reasonably early hour. I just don’t like sudden noises and disturbances. It tends to start my day off wrong and makes me tired…and grumpy!

As it happened, this morning I was able to drift back to a semi-stupor in which I had a sci-fi type dream that caused me to scream, loud and long till I woke myself up and scared the cats. Then I slid back into the dream and did some more yelling till finally, I managed to abandon it, although the problem therein was not resolved. It seemed to be heading to an unpleasant ending, so I forced myself to cancel it.

Bad dreams, nightmares some of them, have often come to stir me up and they are often what I call science fiction. Perhaps this most recent one was a result of my new anti-depressant that also made me feel a little strange yesterday. Right now I am alternating between the old drug and the new through the week and next week it will be just the new one. That ought to be interesting…

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