0713/8th March 2021

With Winter set to retreat, imminently (?), as well as my inane fixation on ice sculpture, I decided yesterday to turn my attention to a more finger-friendly re-cycling “project”.

Maybe you have worked out from some of my posts that I have an inclination for obsessiveness. I admit it.

When I was a kid, I don’t remember that my mother acquired endless piles of trash, discarded packing. The only item I recall was shoe boxes. Those my mother didn’t appropriate for storage, I turned into houses.

In SE Asia, nothing was discarded. Nothing was wasted. If you bought something at the market, it was wrapped either in a banana leaf or old newspaper.

In the modern West, (I can no longer speak for SE Asia but I know they have plastic there now) the amount of packing trash is stunning.

How it was allowed to get this way, I fail to understand. It is so obviously a very BAD THING.

So, there are certain things I don’t discard because my brain tells me “you could make something with that.” I’ll post a picture in a minute of previous creations. You will laugh. Or moan “poor woman!”

Meanwhile, this morning dawned at 9 degrees F, so I couldn’t resist adding more layers to March.

But this is certain to be the end, as tomorrow promises to be positively tropical at 50 degrees.

So that will be that for ice castles.

“Thank God”, they all say.


Anyway, as I said, yesterday I took a look at various bits of “stuff” to see what I might create. This is how far I got:

Impressive, wouldn’t you say?

Well, there was also this:

There was another thing too, in fact, but it’s under the desk and I’m not looking at it for a day or two. There are so many possibilities, but what shall I do with it? It’s just another kind of “stuff”. It ought to be re-cycled into something useful. In many communities re-cycling facilities do a good job but up here, I’m no so sure.

Note to self : Get off your butt and find out.

Here’s what I created a long time ago and for reasons I’d rather not think about, was transported cross country when I moved. Not that it took up a whole lot of room. I think they rode all the way in my desk:

What, exactly, are those things? Well, sort of animals of some kind. The grey one even sports actual cat fuzz.

They are made from those clips that come on bread bags. Two of the noses are those silica-gel inserts that come in pill bottles and they are wrapped together with dental floss. The eyes are pins. Daft, I know, but I had fun doing them and in those days I didn’t have a blog! Also my fingers were a tad more agile.

How did I spend the rest of my day?

Writing. “Fantasies From the Fringe.”

That’s what it’s called but it’s not even close to finished.

It’s going to make me cry (some more) but I think I’ll keep going because it feels as if I should.

Maybe I’ll post some of it, eventually. Depending…

Now we’re off to the vet, to start that whole routine once more.

Tomorrow it’s Lily, Lucy and Sasha..again…they won’t be pleased!

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