False expectations

0930/4th March 2021
I'm a little snowflake, drifting down
To dance before your window pane
And make you look again.
I'll not hit the ground just yet,
I'm caught up in a breeze
I'm going to spend a little while among these lovely trees.
One or two or more of us
Will follow me on down
But do not worry, don't you frown
We'll not stay around.
We'll ascend upon the next sunbeam
To the lofty clouds on high.
We'll hook up with the big Jet Stream
So please, no need to sigh.
Your Winter's done,
Two thousand twenty-one.

This is March… (Jan. and Feb. fell to bits)

Silly poem inspired by the naughty snowflake that blew by the window when I looked out this morning. You know, when you think you see it but then it blows away and then here it comes again, oh and there’s another. But they were just teases sent by the early morning clouds. After this week supposedly temps will exceed freezing. It’s a big mud puddle out there in the afternoon. What they call in Maine “Mud Season.”

Grant is still letting the cats that wish to, go out for an off-harness walk. Not that I approve. Who listens to me?

Sikkim wasn’t keen on getting her tiny paws cold, so she re-routed her walk through the yucca.

But she met Toby coming the other way. Gentlecat that he is, he skipped quickly across the snow and ran inside.

This was the really cold morning a couple of days ago and Penny changed her mind fast. She went inside to talk to her mouse. She conducts quite lengthy and usually noisy conversations with her toys, often late at night or crack of dawn.


After an early appointment this morning, we got home too early for cat lunch, but Grant made tea and the cats got all excited because usually tea and lunch happen together.

Sasha whispered an idea to Penny, without result

So then Sasha fixed me with her stare, to see who would blink first…

To be honest, those photographs are out of order, but I didn’t blink, or give in, then even Sikkim came to plead:

“Mum look, I’m wasting away.”

The un-relenting Sasha stare.

And Penny’s green eyes.

It was a conspiracy, but by then it really was cat lunch time, so we pretended to give in.

Our little trip to the vet on Tuesday….very short. I wish I had recorded the cat comments. Oh the wailing as we got in the car! Lucy announced to the world that “it’s the END!” Sasha just protests “Noooo! How could you?” My Lily, though, sits quietly, taking all in stride.

Then, the nice lady at the vet came out to say “Oh, you’re next Tuesday!”

Alright then. Now I’ve had this happen before, so I am very careful to always repeat the date and write it down. But what difference did it make who screwed up, anyway. “OK then. See you next week!” And we were off back home.

Then you had to hear the commentary: from Lucy: “I’ll live to see another day, full speed ahead, Dad!”

From Sasha: “Oh well! I think this deserves an extra treat. Or two!

From Lily: Silence. (I suspect there was an eye roll.)

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