1716/27th February 2021

Some things are just not going to cheer you up.

Like being asked to confirm that you are still alive.

Now if I’m not, how am I going to be able to communicate the fact?

These days, one cannot take for granted that such a request is even legit, but this one was. I have an annuity and I suppose I can understand why they might not want to keep paying if I’ve ceased to exist.

Being someone’s executor is quite a responsibility. There are so many things to remember. Maybe getting chipped at birth wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

On the other hand…..maybe not.


We had another light show the other evening.

You wouldn’t believe that the setting sun could actually turn a dark green hill bright red.

It looks like Fall colours.


At the risk of being called obsessive, I’m going to post some more pictures of ice. But these are different.

The last night of freezing temperatures created this strange formation.

If anyone can explain how it happened, I’d love to know.

The water bowl that I refill daily is metal, round, quite small.

Of late it hasn’t frozen all the way through, so I haven’t been filling it. Even so, this day there was a portion of water underneath the ice.

The bowl was sat flat on the ground, not tipped. There was nothing in the bowl except water.

It may have been slightly breezy in the night, but not dramatically so.

So I am very curious about how a triangular shaped funnel formed.

With an adjacent “iceberg”.

Here you can see the triangular shape. Inside the funnel it looked serrated. Curiouser and curiouser.

Later, after it had melted a bit.

You can offer me any explanation and I will accept it. The only one I can come up with involves alien visitors, or perhaps it had something to do with the pull of the “snow moon”?

2036/27th February 2021

4 thoughts on “Obsessed?

  1. It does look rather mysterious. Here’s a boring possibility for the strange formation. If it’s close to any overhanging structure, bush or tree, perhaps an icicle fell or was blown over and became lodged there. If not, maybe it’s one of those little things that make life interesting. In the first photo, it looked like a bowl with a fish swimming in it.

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