“Zoomer’s back!”

0812/27th February, 2021

So much for green and brown patches opening up.

Overnight snow covered them over again.

But Winter is basically done and the melt has resumed.

At least I hope so, as we had a couple of summer visitors return yesterday and I wouldn’t want them to retreat.

While eating breakfast, I thought I’d seen a tiny red shape streak across the snow, but decided it Was Little Red, the squirrel.

A bit later, though I heard Grant call excitedly to say:

“Zoomer’s back!”

The chipmunk.

Last year he returned on March 4th by which point there was no trace of snow. Perhaps the noisy birds woke him early.

Or maybe his little hole sprung a leak from the big melt.

If we’d known he was coming….actually we wouldn’t have done anything different.

The bowl looks empty but there’s plenty of seed and corn for him to nibble on. The birds are an untidy lot!

So nice to see him back.


Half an hour later, I looked up from my computer to see two very fine gentlemen strolling casually by.

Where they spend the winter, I’m not sure, but we had not seen wild turkeys for months. These are new friends, though. The group that was coming by in the Fall were all lady turkeys.

These are young males, as can be seen by their “beard”

Their plumage is magnificent.

How wonderful they looked in yesterday’s bright sun

They checked us out for about an hour…

…then this one decided it was time to go

…he looked around for his pal…

…then deciding not to wait, he rushed off in a big hurry.

3 thoughts on ““Zoomer’s back!”

  1. It’s so good to see the animals returning. Zoomer is adorable. I suppose he has a winter abode near your place.

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