So it turns out that we are in the middle of a small soap opera.

This started with a request for the name of a snow removal company.

Which we thought we had.

Yesterday I mentioned that we got in a muddle because “our guys” had split up and there were a couple of “Bob’s”, but we didn’t know who was which.

Having got our brains totally scrambled, Grant called one of the Bob’s and left a message.


Here’s how that went:


It turns out that “Bob with the eyes” is Mike, and he is the one that bogged off.

Italian Bob was apparently a figment of Grant’s imagination.

So we have French Bob who’s left holding the bag, but apparently no snow removal equipment.

And “Mike with the eyes” that’s maybe a bad boy.

French Bob still has his lawn mowers and has been cutting my grass all summer, which was great.

But as I discovered, to my consternation, I never paid him.

Not a dime. Zip. Nada. For 6 months.

You ask, how could I be so careless?

If you could see my list of providers, you might understand.

Companies seem to keep changing their names.

McCauley & Tucker now Breymer

TAM now Casella , the electricity is now in two parts because I get a portion from a solar farm.

Gas people, generator people.

The generator is a tale in itself.

And they all bill online through a separate entity with another name altogether.

When French Bob called Grant back, he told him bits of what sounded like a very convoluted story, the upshot of which is that I have had 6 months of “lawn” service that I was never billed for, and that I currently have no snow removal service. I am awaiting a call from some bloke called Chris to let me know if he will do it.


It’s always possible that Mike, with or without eyes, still holds that contract. I know someone came here in October and moved snow, but I haven’t been billed for that yet either.

There are always two sides to any story and I have no wish to be in the middle of this one.

Perhaps Grant could build a sled and we could try harnessing the cats to it.

Couldn’t be that much more chaotic. Could it?

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  1. Sorry for the chaos that you are having with the companies that you have to deal with. I love your sky pictures with the bare trees in the foreground. Bare trees have always been beautiful to me.

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