Life in a small village

When I moved to Cambridge in 2018, I signed up with all the same utilities the previous tenants had employed. After all, I didn’t know anyone else to call. Pretty much, it worked out.

Then in March this year, I got a letter, followed by an email,

from the company that takes care of both mowing and snow.

“Bob” had decided to branch out by himself.

And so had Mike. It would have been helpful if they had pointed out that there were, or are two “Bobs”.

Confusion ensued, wherein we didn’t know who was going to turn up next.

Those things make me crazy. I decided to let Grant handle it.

A few dark looks came my way, but finally Grant got it sorted and I was given the correct number and name.

Which I wrote and highlighted in my “book‘.

Through the summer, the lawn got mowed.

When we had early snow in October, it got moved.

And the bill got paid.

So I thought we had it straight.

Until a new neighbour asked for the name of a snowman.

Grant asked for “Bob’s” number, so out came my book.

“Which Bob?”

“Snow Bob, same as Grass Bob.”

“Well was that Bob the Leaver, or Bob with the eyes?”

(One of the “Bobs” had mesmerizing eyes.)

“I think the Leaver was Bob with the eyes.”


“Well which company did we employ?”

“I don’t know, I think it was the old one.”

“Let’s look it up on the ‘net.”

Now I’m looking at a website that has the name of the old company, address in Cambridge with Cambridge phone number. Only now they are in Minnesota??? Oh.

“Alright, then look up who you paid.”

The plot thickens. I know I paid regularly, all summer.

But there is no trace I can find. Anywhere.

Grant put in a call to one of the “Bobs”, who “wasn’t available”. But we’ll get to the bottom of this.

Hopefully before we all get snowed in.

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  1. It’s seriously strange. I’m beginning to think I must owe someone (Bob? Mike?) for a summer’s mowing…..I know it’s been a weird year, but surely I can’t have been that distracted!

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