“This has to stop!”, I thought recently, as I stood in the chill morning air with my camera. “How many sunrises can I collect?”

Of course, I should have known better. Nature’s store of spectacles is infinite and all are irresistible.


Having put the sun to bed last night, and aching in every part, I decided this morning to pull up Lucy’s blind and just let the sun find it’s own way back.

But when daylight arrives, so do the cats.

Wanting breakfast.

Unfortunately for them, I looked out the window.

As the Sun struggled to rise above the horizon,

its progress was impeded by a bank of cloud.

“I will not be dominated by a paltry planet!” said the Sun,

sending out angry dark rays.

But the Earth responded by spreading more cloud,

like pancake batter, oozing toward the horizon.

The Sun fought back, declaring victory,

as it pushed aside the stubborn impediment.

But Earth would have its way,

and the Sun was banished once more…

…to sulk,

in a partly cloudy way.


Here are a few more pictures from the sequence:


As the sun broke the horizon for a few minutes, the world turned gold:

On queue, geese took to the sky. (With my new eyes I could see them on the photograph, though I only heard them, in fact!)


There was Panther, greeting the day, though his chime was silent for once.

Most days there’s quite a clangor around here of voices.


Tom and Cisco and “M” and all the others. It’s quite a symphony.

Some people wouldn’t like the sound. We find it soothing.

Like a golden dawn:

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  1. It’ about 0800 when it breaks the horizon but it starts to get light about 0630. We moved our clocks forward recentlt so it gets dark about 1700…too early!

  2. Beautifully written! loved the personification you used. I would just love to sit here and drink tea and watch the sun rise and drown behind the horizon.

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