Betwixt and between

Deptford pink

It’s one of those times of year. In between. Not this. Not that.

Maybe it’s me, but I find it unsettling. But then, right now, I find everything unsettling.

The only thing to do is look to Nature.

Which at the moment is also kind of betwixt and between.

However, I still found a thing or two to photograph.

Beside the lop-sided moon.


My cone flowers are very much past their “sell by” date, but I caught sight of them in the evening light one day and I sort of liked their look. Bees still like them too.

Doesn’t everything improve in evening light?

Softer, sweeter.


Mrs Plod thinks so too. She advanced her schedule without prior notice and Grant had to chase around the garden to make sure she found some food.

Mrs Plod is totally blind and apparently also deaf but her nose is very alert. The other night she found an apple and went rushing off with it so proudly.

We’re worrying about Mrs Plod and Winter…

A lot of birds seem to have left us already, though I still look forward to the flights of ducks and geese. We are not, however, short of avian company:

These sparrows were having such a good time, I took a lot of photographs, but apparently I am only supposed to post these, as the system keeps telling me (erroneously!) that I am offline!

Well, how many sparrow pictures does one need? We have two water trays and lately they are busy all day and need to be refilled frequently, what with all the splashing. It’s so nice to see creatures enjoying themselves. Hopefully they will stay through Winter.


Soon the hummingbird feeder will come down, to be replaced by another seed feeder.

If these guys bed down early, my phlox may still bloom!

She’s actually got a slice of carrot.

Isn’t her fur beautiful?

Fair weather but beloved friends.

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