Dandelion day

"Double bag it. Put it in the trash."
So crass.
Reminder of the dandelion,
Under the West Seattle Bridge.

Mud splattered, downtrodden,
Ignored,unwanted, invisible.
Except to me.

The contents of the bag?
Too sad, and such bad
Oxy withdrawal,
Negative thoughts.

How cruel
Perverse timing can be.
A sad event
When you're feeling fine
Can easily be dispatched.

But when you're halfway down
It can bring you the rest
Laying you flat.


Damn the oxy.
Damn the timing.
Damn the bloody election.


Sometimes, I just have to say it. Damn. Damn and damn.

We all feel this way, sometimes. It will pass. Somehow these times always make me think of the little dandelion, under the West Seattle bridge.

It was so forlorn, so sad, so unwanted, so hopeless, so unnoticed. I had the strangest urge to jump from the car and rescue it. But even I am not that weird.

However, when I’m down, I always think I could be that dandelion under the West Seattle bridge.

And I’m not.

2 thoughts on “Dandelion day

  1. Hi Caroline,
    I do not have the problem you do, withdrawal from oxycodone. But this thought kept recurring to me, so I looked it up and wondered if you could experiment to the point where individualized relief can be achieved. This is not an easy answer where a one-size-fits-all remedy can quickly occur. But the practitioner, Trudy Scott, has seriously worked to find the customized solution needed relief with her clients:

  2. Thank you, Nancy. In fact I also need to get off lorazepam. A neglectful hospital I suddenly found myself in a few years ago failed to provide either my pain meds or the lorazepam and I ended up with the beginnings of severe withdrawal. Till that time I stupidly had not realized it could happen. No-one had ever mentioned the possibility and I’m not sure how I figured out what was happening. It was very frightening. I thought I would lose my mind and at the same time my heart was breaking. These drugs should never have been prescribed to unknowing people and I am sure many lives have been messed up by them. It outrages me that it’s all about money. Where did human decency go? Thank you so much for the link and for caring.

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