After the storm…

Rain drops on the kitchen window

It always amazes me how different the World can look in a matter of mere moments.

Yesterday afternoon, water came down in sheets, but most of the flowers seemed happy:

But look what happened to the milkweed:

Methinks I shall have to tidy them up. There are plenty more for the butterflies, fortunately.

Mama Raccoon came out to find food, but eventually it rained so hard, she fled back to the bushes:

The Internet was out, so I went back to drawing pictures. Lately I have an obsession with drawing people’s faces. I’m a beginner, so they aren’t very good:

I was thinking that one of them reminded me of someone, then last night I took a picture of Lily, and I thought “Hm…is that the face?”:

Perhaps I should stick to drawing butterflies.

I needed a card to send to my friend Elma in Barbados but when I looked in my stationery drawer, I couldn’t find a single one that didn’t have a cat on it.

Elma said to me once, in her lovely Island accent:

“Don’t be sending me no cat cards, Carolyn!”

So I had to make her one.

3 thoughts on “After the storm…

  1. Those are lovely pictures of your flowers after getting to “drink it”, as the cats would say. How is it that you have a friend that doesn’t want “cat cards”? I can’t imagine, lol. The drawing of the flowers and butterflies is beautiful as well.

  2. She is a very good friend, otherwise I wouldn’t tolerate being asked for “no cats”! Somehow animals never came into her life.

    1. I hope you realize that I was only kidding. I have some friends and family members like that and I am sorry for what they are missing.

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