It’s Hot…

At least today it’s not 100F degrees, like it is in Siberia, where the average June high is 68F. Verkhoyansk, Siberia is the place with the coldest ever recorded temperature of -90F in 1892.

Needless to say, such high temperatures are hugely problematic, forest fires, melting ice cap and all sorts. Everyone has problems these days, but I certainly sympathize with the people and creatures in Siberia.

This creature is the bird that refused to be photographed. Apparently the Tufted Titmouse heard my complaint and came to pose for me.

The continued hot, dry weather in Cambridge means I shall have to spend some time watering the garden, so I am going to post some token photographs, but here is something that I noticed on the ‘Internet, from my part of the World:

Apparently, they have just discovered “a ring of large shafts” near Stonehenge. They are believed to form the largest prehistoric monument ever discovered in Britain. Somehow I can’t feel the excitement this should provoke.

Seemingly, it was a boundary to the sacred area of Stonehenge which is “on a scale never previously anticipated”. I was wondering how nobody noticed it until now, but with new technology I suppose lots of things are possible now that once weren’t.

Now they’ve just got to dig it up.


Meanwhile in Cambridge we’ve got lovely “poofy” clouds, which are not expected to produce rainfall.


I spend so much time photographing squirrels, I think I may have to do a study. Tim calls them “vermin”, but they fascinate me.

However, I had better get to the garden.

On the other hand…

Maybe I’ll leave it to him. Apparently he likes wallflowers. He saw us looking and dashed off.

2 thoughts on “It’s Hot…

  1. Great post.

    Our record in Finland is 37.2°C / 98.96°F. We have had during many days now about 30°C / 86.°F. My personal record is from Las Vegas 44°C / 111.2°F. It was hot even to us who are accustomed with high temperate in Sauna!

    Have you been to Sauna? Mobile Sauna meetings are our hidden gems:

    Holy smoke – Gathering of mobile Saunas

    Saunas on wheels2

    Have a wonderful day!

    1. I cannot understand why the link of first post could not be seen. Anyway, there is a link to it at the end of second post. I am sorry!

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