Don’t be old in the USA

It is said that you get what you wish for. Personally, I have my doubts about that and although I did say, yesterday, that I like thunderstorms, I didn’t actually ask for one to arrive.


I feel I ought not to be writing about frivolous things, when the country is going up in smoke. Though nothing I can do or say is going to change that situation. My own mental health rather depends on not thinking about everything that happens “out there”. I could easily become agoraphobic.

To an extent, I already am. Afraid of entering crowded places, or places from which I cannot easily escape. Images of riots, the sound of angry voices stand my nerves on end. Even sometimes,heaven help me, the sound of my cats screaming at one another, which they do several times a day. Don’t live with multiple cats.

And knowing that it’s that time of the month when I have to scream at people myself, in order to obtain the medication to which the medical profession encouraged me to become addicted. On which I depend to keep severe pain at bay. Each month they move the goal post and make me feel as if the problem is all my fault for being a drug addict.

Each time, the means of requesting a new prescription is changed and you don’t get told until you do it wrong and the prescription is not forthcoming. Then you go to the medical centre and stage a meltdown.

I think they actually know my face now, because they are starting to get a haunted look when I approach them. Damn. I’ve never actually lost my temper. Then they would shudder. I’ve Written a couple of polite letters. What in hell is a person supposed to do?

You apply. And you wait. (‘cos nothing gets done instantly.) Then you call.:”It’s in the works.” Progress.

Then you wait. Then you call back :and speak to a different person. “No sign that anything ever was done.” You take a deep breath…

and a step back. Then you say, sweetly, “Please check”. After a bit, grumpily you are told : “It’s on the desk to be signed, but check with the pharmacy.”

Since covid, Hannaford’s doesn’t answer the phone. Ever. Don’t even put you on hold. They just cut you off. And their website is unreliable. I appreciate that they must have problems. But they need to sort them out. Don’t pass them on to your clients.

So now it’s the week end. Now we are behind the 8 ball. Going nowhere fast.

Out of pills.

Start the process earlier? Hah! Two problems with that:

If you do it too early you just get your hand slapped.

So I started the process on Monday. But my PCP doesn’t work till Wednesday, so I can’t even check till Thursday and then it rolls….

The thing is, when I have had to make a fuss….another doctor signs the prescription….low and behold! So why couldn’t it have been signed on Monday???? SCREAM!

I am so frustrated.

In the background lurks the fear that obtaining this drug could at sometime become impossible, through some change of the law, or who knows what turn of events. Then what?

Millions of people are already in the situation of not being able to obtain what they need for medical conditions and why? My opinion, humble though it may be, because the wealthy want to be more wealthy.

Because the politicians we send to Washington want to play little boy politics all day, rather than discussing what is fair and just, and what needs to be done to keep the country running efficiently and with ecological responsibility. (Oh sorry, is it big boy…well, whatever)

All those people do is shout insults at each other and make up vile stories about each other’s sex lives. Frankly, I don’t give a hoot in hell who sleeps with who. Just get the damn job done. Chaps.

Oh, yes, there are some ladies, aren’t there. Sort it out, girls.

A friend of mine took her life not long ago, medically assisted, because she couldn’t bear the fight any longer, to survive as an old person with medical problems in this country. Tomorrow would have been her birthday. I miss you, lovely lady.

6 thoughts on “Don’t be old in the USA

  1. I’m so sorry for all you are having to go through. I understand because my dear niece is going through the same thing. It’s a nightmare and it has been made worse by the pandemic.

  2. I feel sorry for your situation. In the Netherlands Healthcare is oké, also for the elderly. Nursing care however can be improved. That’s what me and my wife, both becoming elderly, are doing: taking care that the care for elderly will be improved.

    1. Thank you. I am one of the lucky ones, with a pension and at least a plan of sorts, even though it is expensive. The friend I referred to was not so fortunate and after two strokes life was too painful and difficult. In California they allow “assisted dying”. It was what she wanted but very difficult for her family. It just seems so sad that a person who worked as hard as she did all her life would end up suffering and having to beg the government for help when that was what she paid taxes for. She was from Holland, originally. I miss my lovely friend.

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