A very still dawn 21st May 2020
Why would anyone care
What I have to say

I've always felt
As if I wasn't meant
to be

I've raged against it.
This feeling
Of not mattering
A fig
A twig.

But rage got me nowhere
Not here
Not there
Like air.

Did it matter, after all
What anyone thought?
It mattered naught.

What I have learned
To dwell upon
Is what I see
Looking back at me
From the glass
As I gasp.

There's work to do
I see!
Forever something better
To strive for
There's always more
One can do
To be a better you.

End of day,
What they say,
Do you care?
They won't pay your fare
Across the Styx!

A terribly self-indulgent poem that should not imply a gloomy frame of mind!

It’s actually a beautiful day.

And here’s what the lilac looked like this time last year!

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