Bads and birds

It was my plan to have this little tree moved, but here it still is on the front lawn.

As I meandered around the property yesterday, I thought I would check out the lilac bush. It ought to have bloomed by now, but I had a horrible feeling it wasn’t looking right.

Close-up I could see that it’s very sad:(

That blasted snowstorm we had May 9th did for it.

Not completely. Some of the buds may develop, but it’s a shame, because it was just gorgeous last year.

According to the Internet, the plant should recover from this, although I can’t see myself taking all the steps recommended to ensure it’s ongoing health.

For one thing, it’s a great deal taller than me.

I’ll do a little pruning. Which is about my speed now.

Sleep evaded me early this morning and when it started to get light, I decided to get up and enjoy the dawn.

Which I did, but in the absence of clouds it wasn’t the great spectacle I had been hoping for.

Never mind. I enjoyed hearing the dawn chorus.

Willow got up to welcome the day as well.

We’ve not seen little Gimpy for three days now, so once again we are worrying, pointless though that may be.

We did discover that Gimpy is a “he”, so it’s possible he is pursuing young lady squirrels, although with his disability it’s a little hard to imagine how successful that might be.

Poor little lad.

For the past couple of days there has been a bird singing it’s head off outside my office. I’ve never heard such a variation of tunes and “words”. I almost thought someone must have lost their pet parakeet. On and on it went. I would love to know what the conversation was about! I’d also love to know which bird it is that sings so loud and long. Any ideas, please let me know?

But yesterday was a big bird day. Well, medium sized, I guess:

Not sure why, but I think this is a lady crow. She was having a really dozy afternoon outside my window. She didn’t budge when I kept taking her picture, didn’t care, la la la…(usually they flee at the sight of my camera).

Then she came to suddenly:

As a gentleman arrived and made overtures:

“How’s that?” he said:

“I’ll consider it”, she murmured and took to the air.

Leaving him standing there:

We have a “murder” of crows that appear to be based on the far side of the garage. They are boisterous and pushy, like all crows, and I find them very amusing. I have always adored birds ever since my mother took me, as a small girl, to feed birds by the River Thames. Those, I suppose would have been pigeons and gulls.

I think my appreciation of crows comes from believing that they are akin to black cats.

Panther was very crow-like.

2 thoughts on “Bads and birds

  1. Our state bird here in Texas is the Mockingbird and they sound as though they are singing a song with their repeating the “verses” several times before they continue on with the next ones. They also never seem to sleep! I used to hear them singing when I would leave for work long before dawn. The cats HATE them and vice versa.

    My lilacs bloomed several weeks ago and they were the prettiest I have ever seen them. I just wish the blooms would last longer.

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