A few of my friends

Semi-Red. This is the one who cloroxed her tail!

This is one of those days I have all too frequently, when everything wants to fight me, so I’m not sure how far this is going to get….

Lots of activity beyond the kitchen window

This chap was trying to woo is lady love.

Showing his smart red wings and singing his heart out.

There has been a great variety, lately, of birdie love songs.

It’s very sweet to hear.

This chap actually bowed low for his lady…

…who took off with another lady bird.


I felt a bit sorry for him.

Not sure if this guy is hungry or has lots of babies.

When I brush the cats at this time of year, I put the removed hair outside, for the birds to take to their nests. Colin’s red fluff seems very popular.

Look who showed up for the first time this year.

I’m surprised the big wind we had the other day didn’t blow them all the way back to Mexico.

Are they not the most delicate and special little creatures?

I think these are the same birds we had last year.

Yesterday I saw a hummingbird hovering in the exact spot where I placed their feeder last Summer.

I had not expected them back so soon, but I am delighted.

I believe this is a female ruby-throated hummingbird

Last year the Goldfinches wouldn’t come up here, I think because of the naughty cat.

So pleased to see them.

Even my blog wants to do it’s own thing today, so I am going to post a few more pictures and have a lie down! Otherwise, I’m afraid I may pitch my mouse at the wall..it is fighting me too, though since I thumped it, scaring the daylights out of Lucy, it has behaved!

Lucy occupies the seat beside me

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  1. I was sitting in my backyard listening to the wonderful melody of the birds this morning but we do have have goldfinches or hummingbirds and it’s so delightful to see them here!

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