Tornado warning!

“That was a tornado warning!”

“What was?”

“That beep on my phone.”

How was I to know that, when he was downstairs and I was up?

I was watching out the window at torrential rain. Grant came up and joined me and said “wow!”

The cats were all shoe-horned into my cupboard.

Not best pleased about the racket.

The wind sounded like a freight train hurtling our way..

After his initial reaction, Grant decided that our storm was “nothing compared to what happens in Africa”.

But there’s a wooded hill, just up the road that might argue with him. It looks as if a giant went mad, ripping up trees and casting them about. I remember reading about that storm at the time. Glad I missed it.

We announced dinner, and the cats decided they weren’t that scared.

Then I looked at Grant and asked:

“So if we get a tornado warning are we supposed to shelter in the basement?”

He said he guessed so.

The thing about a tornado warning in this area is, that they are such a rare occurrence, one tends not to have an “action plan”, as I am sure they do in places like Kansas where no doubt everyone dives immediately for the basement at the mention of the word.

Having more than 30 seconds notice would be a help!

This morning we awoke to sunshine.

But look at that weather front!

It actually didn’t do anything more dramatic than blow a few puffy clouds our way.

Unlike the slate black sky that came from the North last night.

So Willow went back to watching for Zoomer:

He came to investigate the plant I wrestled with the other day, under the front window.

But pretty soon, Colin wanted his seat back:

And he won’t share.

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  1. I love these stories, and pictures, of your cats. 😊😻
    Thank you for sharing.

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