Letting the side down?

Grackle taking flight
I've got a poem in my head
But I can't find it, so instead
Here's a tale I made up
That partly concerns our friend Red.

Red's a "squirl" with a swishy tail 
I asked her from where she did hail.

"I come from over there", she said,
Pointing with a nod of her head.

"But I was told,
If I was bold,
I'd get a peanut for my lunch
And I did, so thanks a bunch."

Then off she fled
Back up her hill
That little 'gel
We call Red.
My garden still is looking sad
Winter's chill, made it look bad.
But little bits of green I see
Upon the bush and on the tree.

This morning I noticed in the flower beds
5 million 301 wild strawberries pushing their heads.
I counted them myself.
No I didn't.
I got the count from a passing bird
Who used the system he said he'd heard
Is used each year for the annual count
Of his "herd".
But I think he was having me on
Where did that "one" come from?
My lilac's not in bloom,
But it will be very soon.
I went out to take a look
And a tick on me did hook.
Starting out so soon
They're already all "aroon".
Beastly little swine.

Bergemia is it's name,
Or so the 'Net does claim.
We'd never met, before
It was found outside my door.
Seems like it's doing well
In fact I'd say quite swell.
As you may very well tell
I'm the gardener from hell.
It's all I've ever claimed
Mum would be so ashamed!

This poor bush looks done
Really rather glum
And yet....buds! 

Last Fall "my man" came round
To trim things back a bit...
Instead of asking me,
And cutting moderately,
He sought advice elsewhere
And trimmed my bushes bear.
Oh Dear.
They did look sad.
No wonder Chuck was mad.

(His burrow's underneath!)

Things are deteriorating! I thought it would be good to keep my blog going, something to focus on. I still feel that way but what with my internet provider and various other things fighting me these past few days I feel I am rather letting my side down, as they would say in England.

I’ll try to do better. Maybe I’ll dig out some ancient photographs of somewhere I went a long time ago. Let’s see……..

7 thoughts on “Letting the side down?

  1. Oh Carolyn, you don’t need to do “better”. I love, love, love the pics of the various plants putting out their spring buds. I don’t have a garden, but I have some flowerbeds and I don’t really do anything to them. I just let them do their own thing and I stand back and watch it happen. Something new happens there every day now.

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