A humble Saturday

Boy woodpecker chasing a lady around?

 Any day now it’s going to get warm. Does anyone else feel that it’s been an exceptionally long winter? This morning started out quite mild but now it’s cold again.

I am actually a fan of winter and yet somehow this one seems to have gone on forever. Perhaps it’s just the strange turn of events that make it seem so. My bones feel cold.

There is the tiniest bit of green in the garden and some of the summer birds are back.

At least the grackles aren’t quite as shy of my camera, or maybe they are just greedy.

The handsome chap in the middle seemed keen to impress the lady up above.

But he had some competition and the lady did not appear impressed by either suitor. This was the same day Grant suddenly said “oh look! There’s a boy cardinal feeding his mate!” and he was right. The male was picking up bits of corn and placing them in his lady’s beak. It was very sweet, but of course I didn’t have my camera to hand. Drat.

So instead of that, all I can offer is a squirrel fashion show of sorts:

Remember the squirrel that used it’s tail as an umbrella? Methinks this is she/he….just a creature that wears it’s tail as a fashion accessory perhaps? It was rather sweet.

Finally “our” groundhog emerged, looking just a bit moth-eaten! Very thin, and he was very camera-shy. He said “can’t you wait till I’m looking more presentable?”

A humble offering for a subdued Saturday afternoon.

9 thoughts on “A humble Saturday

  1. I agree it’s been a long winter here too. Look at the blue on the grackles. Ours aren’t as colorful. I also saw our resident groundhog the other day. It’s supposed to be warmer here the next two days.

  2. Wow, I can’t believe how blue your graces are! We don’t get them like that here. Thanks for the beautiful photos! Brightens my day!

  3. Yes it does seem like winter will never end, but if course nothing seems right now. But spring will come as always, and so will our lives return to normal, whatever that definition might be. Enjoying your critter photos!

  4. I am so ready for this long, dreary winter to end. Starting with a bout of flu in Jan, then 6 weeks of doctor visits and tests in Feb for another issue and the arrival of the dreaded COVID-19’s arrival in the US. To make things worse, it has been the rainiest 3 month period EVER where I live. I’m hoping for some warm sunshiny days to perk us all up. Your critter pics always seem to help with that. Thanks, Carolyn!

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