Getting beat up

Last time I was asked by a nurse at the medical centre if I feel safe at home, I replied that I was starting to feel battered by my cats. Yesterday they were behaving like horrible little toads. I don’t know what gets into them sometimes. Spatting and arguing. And other unmentionable things.

I guess we all have our bad days.

Lately, it’s not just the cats either. With Spring on approach, bird life is returning. Flocks of red wings and starlings, filling the trees and shrieking their heads off.

One afternoon it sounded like the Hitchock film “The Birds”. It was actually the most amazing symphony of bird song I have ever heard. It sounded as if they were hatching a plot.

Maybe they were all just exchanging stories of their winter and their recent journeys. They must have had an exciting time.

I managed to capture a few pictures of the starlings:


The cats are better behaved today, I’m glad to report…….

Willow played her favourite game with the Dream Curl. She attacks it and twirls it around:

And Colin sat in the sun at the front door grooming:

This little guy is too small to beat me up:

So nice to see him back. Zoom…there he goes…

9 thoughts on “Getting beat up

  1. Oh, wow!
    Look at all those birds, wonderful!
    Great shots!
    Cute shots of Willow and Colin.(and how on earth did he get into that position?)
    I have seen a few squirrels in my backyard today but very few birds!
    I am eagerly awaiting the birds return!

  2. I’m sorry that handsome Colin has kidney disease. That is something I know about all too well. I was able to manage Furby’s CKD for over a year and keep him fairly comfortable until right before his 18th birthday.

    About two weeks ago, I looked out my back door while it was raining and was amazed to see what must have been 50 or more robins busily searching for earthworms. That was a sight to see!

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