21st Century procedures

A couple of days ago I suddenly realized “oh damn…a filling fell out of my tooth.”

Being a person who does not tend to procrastinate over things of that nature, I looked in my date book to confirm that I had a dental appointment penned in for May and decided to bring it forward.

So I called up my nice dentist and said “a filling fell out, I’d like to bring my appointment forward.”

Then yesterday I took myself over there and sat in the chair and said once more : “A filling fell out.”

The lady who cleans my teeth came and looked and she said :”a filling fell out.”

She cleaned my teeth, and then the actual dentist came over and guess what she said?

“A filling fell out.”

Glad we were all on the same page. But the dentist dropped her tone and added :”with a cavity.” She also added some significant letters “DO” or something like that plus another letter. All code no doubt that I was not intended to understand. Probably indicate how much pain is involved.

When I got home Grant asked “So how’s the tooth?” I told him it still has a hole in it and related the above story.

“But you told them the filling fell out on the phone. Why didn’t they just fix it?”

I can’t answer that question. I suppose you can’t have patients telling you what needs to be done. But it’s not like it was going to be a root canal. What do I know.

This seems to be the modern new way of doing things.

Nothing seems to make a lot of sense anymore. Maybe Common Sense was a 20th Century thing.

In the meantime, this chap seems to be indulging in gratuitous snoozing.

This morning I thought he might venture out, the snow having begun to recede rapidly but then, what do you know..

..down it came again. Not in great amounts but enough to discourage my wee friend and the birds looked decidedly cross about it.

They stare in at me from the bushes and I swear they think it’s my fault.

The elusive Titmouse has been turning up occasionally lately, but he is very shy and I was fighting with my camera this day, so the results were not fantastic but at least you can see it’s him. And for a splash of colour I managed to capture a Red Wing taking off. Signs of Spring.

The Titmouse is one of my favourites, He is just so sweet. The Nuthatch too, but he is not back yet.

One thought on “21st Century procedures

  1. Sorry about your tooth. I hope it doesn’t involve a big procedure to fix it. I’m with those “cross” birds, I am so ready for warmer weather and longer sunny days. Too bad the blasted time change is almost upon us once again. Why don’t they just set it and forget it?

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