Crow show

It’s a very poor craftsman, I am the first to admit, who blames his tools, but I need to mention that half of these crow pictures had to be taken through a window screen, so please forgive a more than usually substandard of photography.

It’s going to sound mad to anyone who did not know my boy Panther, but I always thought he was a crow in a cat’s body. Just the way he strutted around with an “attitude” and seemed to own everything and was so dead pushy. But in the nicest way. Panther was just a whole big personality in a really small body.

Which is kind of how I think of crows and that is why I have a particular liking for them. They really amuse me.

There are a lot of crows living around my house. Often one will sit on top of a dead tree and I could swear he looks at me as if he knows I am looking at him. The day I took this picture, which prompted me to buy a camera with a much more powerful lens, the bird actually flew down and sat outside my window for a bit.

As a result, I hoped that come Spring I would develop a relationship with these birds, but they have turned out to be a snooty lot.

They are interested only in sitting around under my apple tree and having a good old gas, exchanging gossip about goings on in the animal world, I suppose.

Who knows, maybe they are talking politics. I would bet they make a lot more sense than those blokes down in DC.

Other people have crows that attach themselves, become real buddies, bring them presents, even. Not that I have any such expectations. I just like birds!

So imagine my delight, this afternoon, when I was halfway through the living room and suddenly noticed the rowdy crowd right outside my window. Apparently there was something special in that last bag of food I got. There they all were, having such a great time. picking up bits of corn and dunking it in the water bath we so lovingly provided. Good for washing as well as for dunking, obviously.

I thought when I fetched my camera they would fly away, as they always pretend to be afraid of me. I know they are not. They are crows, after all. And today they allowed me to snap their pics. Perhaps they were so busy nattering they didn’t notice me.

But suddenly they all flew off with a great flapping and fussing. I looked to see, thinking Pancho must be on the horizon, but no, it was just this chap. So now they are afraid of a squirrel. What kind of sissy crows are these?

This lad, left behind, looked up and seemed to say “Oy! Where ‘re y’all off to?” Then took flight as well.

I got quite excited by their brief visit and went off around the house to see who I could “share” it with……

All taking their siesta. But then I made the mistake of waking up Lucy who has been pestering me ever since with cries of “treats! It’s TIME for TREATS!”

and so on….

The cats in the above, starting from top left: Sasha/Penny/Blackie/Willow/Sophia/Colin/Patches Sikkim/Tom

5 thoughts on “Crow show

  1. I just would like you to know that your posts are so looked forward to here.❤️

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  2. I see that your big birdbath/pan is exactly like the one that I got for the cat’s wet food that has been too much of a hassle for the raccoons to make off with. It’s good to see the crows taking such a liking to theirs as well.

    Great crow story!

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