Medallions of carrot?

This morning I was wondering what to write about when Grant came home with some groceries. He presented me with two large carrots and said “I bought these for your bunny friends.”

My dear bunnies, Joely and Macy, passed on some time back, and I have missed the entertainment they provided. When Joely died, I felt bad that Macy was now alone but she was old herself. I decided, instead of trying to find her a new companion, to move her pen to a different part of the house, where she would be in the middle of all the activity. She actually seemed to thrive. The cats used to jump over her fence to socialize with her, and I would make a point of having quality time with her. Macy became a very special little friend to me.

Wild bunnies are not especially popular, understandably, because of what they do to people’s gardens. However, I don’t attempt to grow vegetables and I really don’t mind if the bunnies help themselves to whatever is growing in my flower beds, which are still a bit of a mystery to me.

Joely was really into his carrots

So now, it seems I am to purchase carrots for them. Grant suggested that I should cut them up and put them on a plate! I don’t remember quite how it started, but part of my daily routine, with Joely and Macy, was to grate carrots for them. Nothing else could happen till I grated those damn carrots. And quite often a bit of finger as well! I loved the “buns”, so I kept at it.

But are wild bunnies really going to differentiate between a whole carrot and “julienne” carrots or, as Grant suggested “medallions of carrot”? Maybe I should saute them in butter? I kind of suspect they may laugh at us.

Maybe it would be best if I go dig a hole for the carrots and let the bunnies “steal” them.

Joely and Macy couldn’t have the run of the house because of their propensity for eating electric wires, so I made the “entertainment room” into the bunny-quarters. It was bigger than my bedroom.

The cats loved to visit. Joely got quite indignant when they sat in his igloo.

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  1. Your post today about the bunnies and how to leave the carrots for them, reminded me of an equally funny story about me and squirrels. I had some whole, in the shell walnuts, that I had bought for the squirrels, but I began to wonder if they could break open the shell, so I asked my Mom, who fed the squirrels regularly. My question was, should I crack open the shells. Her answer was, “Just leave them a nutcracker beside the walnuts.” I love your blog!

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