It’s “impressionist photography”

Yesterday, around 9am, Grant mentioned that there was a deer in the field below the house. This is not unusual in this part of the world. Even I have stopped rushing to look each time there is a sighting.

This deer, though, was reportedly lying down by the wall, but I imagine deer do get tired occasionally. Normally, if I’m not sure about something important, I ask Google. However, my achy body yesterday had demanded rest, so I left Grant to keep an eye on the situation, and put my head back down, remaining that way for a considerable time.

Periodically, Grant would do a fly-by to ensure that I was still breathing and to announce that the deer was still lying down.

Eventually I needed to get up anyway, so I went to the window with my dad’s old binoculars. As I tried to focus, I said “well maybe she’s birthing a baby.” Imagine my surprise to see not just the deer (now standing) and two tiny fawn. It was definitely worth getting out of bed for!

Amazing how much better one can feel the moment one is presented with something so nice! It could only have been improved if we’d had a more powerful telephoto lens. I call it experiments in impressionist photography.

A blessed event, that I consider myself blessed to have witnessed. How did I get so lucky?

What happens next, of course, once the euphoria has worn off, is that one progresses to worrying: “will the babies be safe?”, “do they look okay?” “what are they doing now?”, “where are they going?”, “can the babies walk that far”, “will the fox get them?”, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…..

and this morning…..”she looks so thin!”

I have to persuade myself that you really cannot worry about everything. Last night I scooped up a spider (this in itself is progress, spiders creep me out) and put it outside so the cats wouldn’t get it. Then I promptly worried it was the wrong thing to do and that it would perish in the cold wet night.

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  1. How wonderful to witness the miracle of birth (especially TWINS!) right outside your window. Bless you for worrying about the little spider’s well-being. I understand!

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