Pre-cleaning day

Yeti-Pooh Queen of the Himalayas

Because I don’t want to find myself living in squalor, I have a wonderful lady come to clean the house properly once a month. I mean, I do try to stay on top of things, but I have a large deficit of energy and I am reluctant to expend what I do have on cleaning.

So tomorrow is my day to get sorted out which means I must rush about tidying up. Now I know this sounds a bit daft, but what with 13 cats, there is rather a lot of “stuff” around and I really don’t think it reasonable to expect anyone to have to work around it.

So today I give you a picture of my dearly beloved, long-departed Yeti, peaking out from beneath the shower curtain. And I must find a place to stash a collection of beds and boxes, mats and toys and blankets, scratching posts, tunnels…….

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