Triptych window

I have a triptych window,
It's where I like to stay,
Watching for the sun to rise,
To see the start of day.

Sometimes the dawn is really grey,
The Sun it stays away.
Those days too are all okay.
It makes other people's hay.

My favourite sunrise of them all
Is the one that starts out red,
Though old folk tales I know have said:
"Forecast not required, rainy day ahead."

Whatever sort of day arrives,
My window has its size.
It paints for me three-fold
A picture to behold.

This morning after breakfast Ms Sikkim was curled up on my lap and she looked so peaceful, I didn’t like to disturb her. So I sat awhile, and looking around I realized how much I can see without even moving off the sofa. My camera was nearby, so I took a few photographs.

Then Sikkim got down and I went wandering around the house looking at other things that bring me pleasure. Let me share some of them…

The batik hanging was purchased from Novica , a site I try to stay away from. They have wonderful things from all over the world. It is too tempting to tell myself that my purchases will be benefiting someone in a remote village somewhere.

Pale Male is the famous Red-Tail Hawk in Central Park. Lola was one of his mates. I think at last count he has out-lived eight. I just love the picture, taken by the amazing and faithful Lincoln Karim.

The lacquer plate I purchased in Burma (Myanmar) many years ago. It’s slightly battered like it’s owner! The Tunisian tapestries have been around for even longer, but they are not fragile, just a bit dusty perhaps.

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