Gone green

The world has turned green. I mean really GREEN!

Spring came in stops and starts and the view went from white to grey to dirty orange and finally bits of green began to peek out tentatively. It was as if two departments of Nature are in charge of Spring and had not quite got their act together. The growing part started out according to schedule, only to discover that the climate part had been delayed by noxious human by-products.

The nascent buds and sprouts got a frosty welcome and all but withdrew to have another think about it. Having got off to such a poor start, Spring edged it’s way in very slowly.

Then, as if released from a catapult, warm days arrived, like a late dinner guest, finding the table not set.

Quick growing spurt, got to catch up. Then big thunderstorms and drenching rain.

I swear the world has gone all fluffy. And green. Nature’s two departments of Spring are back in sync.

I walked around the house this morning, taking it all in and I discovered that I can get quite as intoxicated with fluffy green as I can with stark white. I have never before lived in a place with an unrestricted view. Now it feels almost as if I could reach up and touch the sky which before was a remote patch of smog above tall buildings.

With my horizons expanded, I no longer feel confined in a small box. I can breathe!

There is nothing new about my love for birds and wild creatures, but I feel closer to them here. And very much closer to everything that grows. The garden I had in Washington was my first and it rather overwhelmed me. A space had been carved out for the house to be built, and Nature was trying hard to reclaim her patch. I felt unless I was careful, that I should soon be strangled in the undergrowth. It was an endless battle against brambles and weeds that grew at an amazing pace. Yet I hated cutting and chopping plants that, after all, had been there first.

Here, I have decided to take a minimal approach. I have a contract with a lad who mows the lawn and I think that is all right, as it doesn’t kill the grass. I was going to say that I have yet to pull a weed, but to be precise, I have pulled a weed or two, but carefully placed them elsewhere so that they may have a chance to carry on.

Maybe all this drunkenness is making me a bit dippy. But at my age I think it is acceptable to be a bit eccentric.

I have a few other bits of colour here too and the little titmouse allowed me to snap his picture in the apple tree this morning. As I walk around the property I acknowledge the trees and tell them who I am and that I will do all I can to protect them. I don’t consider them “mine”, rather I am their guardian, their friend.

It’s fun discovering what is living in the little flower beds I have inherited and I was delighted to see these pansies pushing through. They are one of my favourites. They have such sweet faces. And so does the wee bunny! So many lovely new friends.

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  1. I love your springtime photos. This is my favorite time of the year, followed by summer. I am not a fan of winter except for snow, which we hardly ever have in my part of Texas. So, I will be watching next winter to see your snow pictures. For now, anything green suits me just fine!

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