A few birds

0658/12th November 2023

It’s late – again. I seem to have lost control of mornings.

So I’m just going to post recent pictures of birds.

And try to do better tomorrow.


On the way back from Clifton Park last Monday, I was gazing out the side window when Grant suddenly drew my attention forward.

“Look at all those birds!” he said.


By comparison, I’m sure, not that many.

But we don’t often see large flocks.

We were amused by the way they decorated the power lines.



“So, did you listen in?”

“Yeah, yeah. Boring hooman stuff.”



A bit further on, another bird sighting…


On top of a silo, a crow had found a meal.


Which had been something furry,

that required jumping up and down on.


More power lines.

This time it was pigeons.

So this is where they got to!

They have been boycotting my feeders lately.


Yesterday, the mob caught up with us…


…at the bottom of our field.

What a racket!


Meanwhile the geese keep flying back and forth, morning and evening.

Pond to river, river to pond.

The migrators have already left, I think.

These birds are just going through the motions.


That I never tire of watching.

6 thoughts on “A few birds

  1. Oh my word, so many birds! They better not find out about your feeders, otherwise they will drive you crazy! But I have to admit … when they hang from the trees and bushes like that, it looks quite pretty 🙂.

  2. Looking up is important, and wroked well for you on that occasion. We don’t have so many power lines over here, so it is good to see the birds lined up in such an orderly fashion.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I tried to reply directly on your post, but of course it didn’t appear. It shows here on the Reader that I have left that comment, so I hope it appears sometime soon.
      Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Always love the way birds (mainly pigeons or seagulls) sit on the head of statues or an outstretched hand – it’s the same world over!
    Do your babies go for the birds? In Queensland, Australia, you have to add a bell on a cat’s collar so the wildlife have a chance. 😉

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