Vacuum exile

0617/22nd July 2023

At the rate things are moving here today, this post may not get finished for a fortnight.


The photo editor is having some sort of fit and I shall have one too if this continues!

Can I outsmart it?


…an hour later…

Not looking good!

Cleaning days are always frantic because after breakfast I rush around reducing the cat clutter which I cannot reasonably expect my nice lady to work around.

What this involves is randomly shoving things in the nearest cupboard, or perhaps just out the porch door.

And wiping up this morning’s cat regurgitations. The ones I can find at least.

It being a fine day, the cats all went out and Willow persuaded me to allow her to see what it is all about, out there.

Which meant I had to stay watching, just to make sure she didn’t do a runner.

Not that I think she would, as she is a smart creature who knows where her safe place and food are.

If she got startled suddenly though, she might rush off into the woods.

Unlikely. But it was her first time…

So one way and another, I got off to a slow start only to find myself fighting with my computer.

Not just the PC but also the wretched, perishing mouse.(I may have had less polite adjectives in mind.)

It seemed not to like its pad, so I got a new one which was no better. I don’t know why. I have always had mouse issues.

The technical ones and the furry kind.

Now I hear the approach of the vacuum cleaner which means I must vacate my room and abandon my PC to it’s sulk.

If I had a vague idea of where I intended to go with this, it has been totally de-railed and I think it is unlikely I shall find it when I get back from vacuum exile.

So. Tomorrow’s another day.

As they say in England: “‘Bye for now.”

5 thoughts on “Vacuum exile

  1. You have a cleaner? I am jealous. In our house, I am ‘the cleaner’. I spent over 4 hours on Thursday cleaning, mainly trying to rid the house of ‘Ollie Fur’, as he is moulting like a champion moulter. Now I am lost in the fantasy of being able to employ someone to clean the house. But luckily I am also cooking dinner soon, (it is 6pm here) so that will take my mind off of it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I am only able to keep squalor at bay because of arthritis/spine etc so I have help once a month. She’s a nice lady who needs work, so we help each other.

  2. You lead such a busy life, Carolyn! Here, I am the cleaner, and it takes time and energy..
    As always, your beautiful photos save the day!


  3. I love everything you write and all of your pictures, but I want to say that the very first one today is absolutely beautiful!

  4. Throw the (electronic) mouse to the cats – maybe they know what to do with it 😉. Willow’s first time outside? Well, I would say it’s a good day then … despite computer problems.

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