The importance of being

7th July 2023

Yesterday I mentioned how one thing leads to another, with cats.

In my world, one thing can lead to a multiplicity…

Recently disaster struck. Probably because I always knew that one day, it would.

My favourite mug sailed off my desk and crashed onto the base of a standing lamp.

Disaster? Hardly, but having the right mug is important.


Surely my Panther mug would have been my favourite? When I moved he got put somewhere safe.

Didn’t want him getting broken.

Shopping for other things, I’d picked up a mug with a pleasing shape and appearance and found it fit my hand just right. And it was a better size.


Picking up the broken pieces, I sighed and went to fetch out a replacement from among my small collection.

Panther went back into action.

Dear, beloved Panther. He was my main man for 14 years. I carry him in my heart.

But the mug no longer fit.


At one time or other, I used all of these mugs.

Well, except for that one.

How was I ever satisfied with such a small cup of tea?


What’s the point of having a cup of tea, or coffee or Milo, or whatever it is you choose, if you can’t enjoy it?


And take your time over it.


Panther’s mug seemed large but next morning when I took my time over breakfast, I realised that if I wanted my tea to stay warm, it would need a bigger receptacle.


The flower mug not quite right.

When Grant volunteers to make tea, I sometimes ask for camomile. Then I only want half, but he isn’t capable of not filling a mug so I tell him to use the Puffin!

It’s the right size for herb tea.


Even the old Bah Hum Mug wasn’t big enough!

Someone gave me this a very long time ago. I’m not sure if it was an expression of his feelings for the time of year or mine!


A new mug would be a small indulgence, so I went about it methodically.

Historically I’ve not been good with measurements.

Grant’s mug is the right size so I employed a measuring cup and then went searching online and saw hundreds of mugs I didn’t want.


A search I thought would take minutes stretched on. I could not believe the awfulness of what I saw.

After a break for a small cup of tea, I tried again and found this. Nice shape, nice design…you’ll do.

So I ordered it.


Next morning, doing the dishes I looked at the measuring cup out of the corner of one eye and decided:

“Shit! I messed up!”

So I recalculated and went back online and scrolled again through the dreadful inventory.


The mug I liked was not available in a larger size but I could get a pair of very plain ones.

Fine. We can always use an extra for next time there is a breakage.


My friends at Amazon obviously know my talent for messing up and they waited until the new order came in so they could ship them together. So efficient.

In the meantime I worked out that the mess-up hadn’t actually been a mess-up at all.

So when Grant asked what was in the big box I had to tell him.


“What we have here is a double mess-up but now you have an extra large mug.”

“And a spare one!”

If you’re a mug in this house, it’s very important to be the right size!


And why exactly am I saving bits of broken crockery?

There was a time when I might have done something creative with them, but I am happy to pass them on to the school Mr Katz supports.

The art students at Bishop Gibbons, Schenectady are extremely talented and imaginative.

Hopefully they will be able to re-cycle my mum’s Portmeirion.

9 thoughts on “The importance of being

  1. I got lost in all your mugs…….but I too had a great mug collection. I am now in permanent mourning for all the “stuff” , mugs included, which I had to abandon when we moved and now I am selling the house. Well, after all, it’s just “stuff”!

    1. Indeed “stuff”. I dumped a lot when I left Seattle yet I still have far too much. Keep saying I am going to deal with it…..

  2. Ha, ha, you make me laugh Carolyn with your daily tales!
    Isn’t it weird when you have a favourite mug that breaks your heart when it’s broken…but at least it’s still going to good use.
    Can’t believe you had a mug for 14 years.

  3. I really like your mug collection … each one tells its own story. And I also like your mug that broke – it’s a shame you can’t get one like that again! Berto inherited his mother’s beautiful tea set – it’s packed away in a box. Just the other day he said we should take it out and use it. That set must be more than 50 years old … I’ll have to be extra-extra careful ๐ŸŒผ.

    1. Yes, you’re afraid of breaking it but it deserves to be used and appreciated! I have an old, old tea cup and saucer that belonged to my grandmother. It’s not much to look at but I treasure it. Sadly no one else will ever care for it.

  4. I really related to this, as we also have lots of (as in too many) mugs. I have to have certain drinks in a particular mug, and stick to that rule. I have smaller mugs for drinks late in the evening, and a very large one for the morning cups of (strong) tea. If I happen to break a favouriue mug, I almost ‘mourn’ its loss. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete.

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