Ghostly ears

1130/17th June 2023

Hoping to clear the fog from my brain and perhaps see something new, I went for a short walk around outside.

The only thing that was new was a garden pea, blowing around in a stiff breeze.

Last year Grant sprinkled seed that was supposed to grow deer grass and we believe it included peas.


Nature makes a fashion statement?

Deer grass, according to Google is not something they eat but something they like to lie in.

Perhaps while snacking on peas.


This time of year, deer need to lie, delivering their young.

Seen yesterday at the end of our road.


The groundhog babies are still in their burrows. In past years, the little beasties chewed my wallflowers to bits.

This year, they appear uninterested, yet the plants have not bloomed. Pondering this, I stooped to investigate:


“I say, are you eating my flowers?”

Is it me, or is this creature laughing?


“No need to launch yourself off!”

“Just watch out for groundhogs.”

“In case they decide to snack.”


It’s easy to imagine animals are communicating when they pose:

Mrs Squirrel wanted nuts and watched..

. I opened the sliding door…


..then rushed right over.


She is another of those we can identify.

She is missing a great patch of fur.


Squirrels are very resilient.

Though exhausted mothers may need to eat lying down.


A tiny Skunk is visiting nightly

Groundhog mum watches nervously from the safety of her hole.


But Skunk is perfectly agreeable.

She sports a fine punk hairdo.


Interesting what the lens sometimes catches!



Raccoons and foxes co-exist


This day they were very wet.


Next evening…3 babies!

“Don’t leave me behind!”


We have had a lot of rain lately.

One fine morning, Ghost’s ears lit up!


And Red was especially red.


6 thoughts on “Ghostly ears

  1. I love seeing the pictures of your fury friends, and the stories you tell.
    Thank you 😊

  2. What a great group of animals you have to enjoy. It is a shame that Skunks can be so smelly, I really like their furry style! πŸ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. So many happy animals … some of them are definitely smiling 😊. Love the foxes in the distance and Ghost’s shiny ears, it’s too precious. Now … if we could only figure out what “THAT thing” is you captured??

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