21st May 2023

After a prolonged dry period, yesterday’s heavy rain did in the pretty flowering trees, but they had reached their peak and now it’s time for the next phase of Spring.


When we go out in the car, I’m never quite sure where we will end up.

It’s back home eventually, but sometimes the driver takes unexpected detours.

Our neighbour has lived in this area for a very long time and recommends lots of interesting and scenic places.


So on Thursday we drove up a steep hill to Woodland’s Cemetery to check out the view.

It will be a good vantage point for viewing leaves in the Fall.


I was especially taken with the trees.

It was a perfect day to appreciate them.

White Oak, filtering the sun. Splendid!

Enjoying the peace, I got out and walked briefly.

It is of no significance at all, but interestingly my eyes fell upon a particular headstone.

The person interred beneath had died on my 50th birthday.

That the Universe sends messages, I am convinced. Often we dismiss them as coincidence, but I do not believe in coincidence.

Messages from the Universe?

We can read in what we choose and maybe that is the only point.

Some may read such messages as a sign that they should take a certain path, or not.

Perhaps they will feel encouraged.

Prompted to make a phone call.

When we make spontaneous decisions, how often do we stop and wonder where those decisions came from?

“Why did you do that?” someone may ask and you may respond “no idea!”

But something made you do whatever it was.

Subtle messages that we do not even consciously perceive.

So then, you could say:

“The Devil made me do it!”

and not be responsible for anything.

Nah. No, no, no.

No excuses for bad behaviour.

We may not be smart enough to understand our Universe but we are endowed with conscience.

If we choose not be be guided by it, then that is our moral failing.

Our path through life is complicated and influenced by everything and everyone we encounter.

When I notice what I believe is a message, often I choose to be comforted.

Just as often, I acknowledge it and move on.

6 thoughts on “Messages

  1. It’s actually amazing that you keep discovering new places close to home! I need to learn from you how to appreciate one’s surroundings 😉. How do you know if you are on the path meant for you – I suppose you will never know for sure. But we mostly try to walk it with joy!

  2. When I was an EMT, I always took my birthday off to celebrate it. No doubt many people died on my birthday, but not in my ambulance.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Everything is so beautifully green! I particularly like the first photo – very picturesque.
    I don’t know much about snow, but after vegetation has been under snow for months, it seems to be a lot greener in the Spring. Everything is fluorescent – maybe I’m imagining? I’m seeing this also in Scandinavia.

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