Pale Male

Buteo jamaicensis (red-tailed hawk)
Photograph by Openverse (not Pale Male)

In around 2008, a friend told me about Pale Male, a Red-tailed Hawk that nested among anti-pigeon spikes on a residential building beside Central Park in New York.

Tenants of the building complained about the mess and the nest had been removed which caused a huge out-cry from the bird’s fans.

Building management reversed their decision, replacing the anti-pigeon spikes. Pale Male and his mate returned.

The story captivated me. For years I followed the story daily on the website of Lincoln Karim, an extraordinary photographer who was one of Pale Male’s greatest fan.

After I moved, I followed the story more infrequently, I think trying to avoid the inevitable end.

It turns out Pale Male is believed to have died only two days ago, incredibly aged 33, identified by a wildlife rehabilitation expert who recognised the bird.

The link contains access to a film of this wonderful bird. It is quite unique.

God speed, Pale Male.

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