Smashing day

20th April 2023

Why pretend? I’m shamelessly milking April 20th until our next outing.

Although I may post a few images of wet things.

This morning was delightfully fresh !

And very moist.

Before weeds can take hold, I am trying to stay on top of things.

The power pole in this image is festooned with the sort of invasive creeper we do battle with.

They are so damaging to trees. Grant has taken on the fight I was losing.


My weeds are more modest. I am removing them to live elsewhere.

In a spurt of energy recently, I cleared one flowerbed. Wild pansies are very invasive, but when these little faces looked at me

“You’re not going to dig us up, are you?”

No. I couldn’t


Wild strawberries are so pretty:

“You said we could stay, remember?”

Yes, that first Spring I did, and they took over the beds and the entire hill.

There is always compromise. One flowerbed, I have decreed, will go wild this year. And the strawberries can stay there. But only there.

The others will be removed to the field.

It’s bad enough cats dictate my life:

Most mornings now I am accosted by His Nibbs looking for a meal.

He may come in to break fast with us.

Or just accept a bowl of kibble and mosey off.

Only to come back and stare at us:



One Sunday when it was still cold and snowy, the boy marched in and installed himself.


Until after lunch.

He’s a very endearing lad. Always so delighted to see us! The others accept him now. Even shy Sophia is interested. So we let him come and go.


On the 20th, we went to Bennington


Everything was so fresh.


Magnolias blooming.

Aren’t trees wonderful?


Brain tells me:

“They are doing a tribal dance!”

You think?

April 20th was a really smashing day.

4 thoughts on “Smashing day

  1. I stopped removing the dandelions from our lawn. I really like the cheerful yellow flowers. Now the laws is around 30% dandelions, but so what? 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I’m just smiling at how comfortable His Nibbs is on that couch 😄 … he probably can’t believe his luck with you guys! And I totally understand why the 20th still appears on your blog today – what a splendid day you guys had!

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