Moments of peace.

21st April 2023

It is indeed very rare for a day to go by in which I manage to get the breakfast dishes washed up without half a dozen interruptions.

No complaint when it’s a bird-sighting.

This day, Grant called me out to listen to an unfamiliar song that seemed to come from the end of the property.

It was definitely different, so I followed the sound and soon spotted the bird at the top of a tree, but at that distance I could not identify it.

Grant as usual was without his glasses.

So I scurried back in to fetch the camera.


It was a Bluebird, sitting among fresh leaves that matched it’s pretty breast.

We rarely see these birds by the house and I have never managed a decent photograph before, but this one kept on singing and posing.

All the way up there, it would hardly have regarded me as a threat and I think it had other things on its mind.


Early sun casts long shadows


According to my discredited weather app, the previous erroneous forecast of endless gloom has now arrived. Possibly a wink of sun on Tuesday, but otherwise no end in sight.

These photographs were taken on days that were similarly forecast, however.

Yesterday, we had one of those winds that rattles windows and re-arranges outdoor furniture.


It was the sort of wind I associate with high summer, the kind that moves hot air about and enervates. Like the Harmattan, or the Sirocco.

Such days, the wind chimes sing a symphony.

Yesterday, there was a repetitive tune, a sort of “dash, dash, dot”.

How odd. We’d never heard that before.


Wind chimes are not for everyone, but I always liked the tinkle of temple bells .

Then I experienced the magic of Angel’s Rest, the pet cemetery at Best Friends where people hang memorials, and I began marking the passing of my pets with the chimes.

Everyone finds comfort in different ways. This is one of mine.


There is nothing more calming for me than holding one of my cats close to my heart and feeling its gentle purr.

There are no words. Just peace.

It’s fanciful to believe the chimes are voices of departed pets. I know they are not. But they are reminders of those moments of peace.

5 thoughts on “Moments of peace.

  1. Wind chimes bring peace to some people, and sleepless nights to others. In your case, near-neighbours are not an issue, but here in Beetley they can be incredibly annoying.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Your photo of the Bluebird (with that lovely blue sky in the background) is really beautiful Carolyn! I also like wind chimes … but in Langebaan (where our permanent home is), we have to take them down in the summer months, because then it’s a cacophonous noise day and night! Summer is great for the kite surfers, but not for the wind chimes! I like your idea that it could be our pets’ voices 💌.

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