1938/16th April 2023

In frustration, yesterday afternoon I changed the lay-out of my so-called office. Probably should have consulted the little darlings first, but they were all snoring their heads off.

So what was all this in aid of?

For some time now, I have been experiencing visual challenges while evaluating photographs on my PC.


Believing that the problem was related to snow glare, I hung a curtain to reduce it. It helped, slightly. I decided a better blind was required but refused the offer of assistance.

It was something I needed to figure out for myself.

Weeks passed. Snow left and Spring arrived, with its very different colour scheme. Still I squinted.

Even on an overcast day.


Perhaps it was my glasses. They are tri-focals which some people have difficulty adjusting to. I have always been comfortable with them but my eyesight seems to change so rapidly.

So I tried using my reading glasses for the computer. Didn’t help.

Tilting my glasses to change the angle of the light, I decided maybe it was the issue. And/or too much light coming from the periphery.

This problem started, I decided, when I misguidedly obtained a new PC. That thing which drove me demented.

My Apple appeared to have given up the ghost, refusing to respond to any sort of cajoling.


Applying my usual method of dealing with uncooperative computers, I had threatened it. “You can be replaced you know!” To no avail.

Then I purchased a different make. Traitor.

Perhaps the old Mac was satisfied by the distress this caused me.

It bewilders me how two systems can be so different, that produce the same end result. Or maybe I am just exceptionally stupid.

Defeated, I begged my old Apple one more time.



“Say sorry?”

“Oh yes. Very, very sorry!”

“Alright then. No more threats!”

So we were back in business, but the Apple had been moved to an adjacent desk and instead of moving it back, I moved myself.

This seemed not a bad thing. Until the issues with my vision.


Yesterday I threw up my hands. Time for action.

Although my desk was some distance away, it was positioned so that I was facing a window. Clearly, I decided, this was the problem.

Easily fixed by re-orienting the desk.

Has my theory proved to have merit?

Too soon to say. Especially on a murky day.


Having moved the two desks at right angles to their previous position, I belatedly considered pussy-cat requirements.

Little blind Lucy was not affected. She has her two safe places sorted out and since we provided “new” beds for Patches and Blackie, they are less inclined to appropriate Lucy’s.

They aren’t new beds at all in fact, just old ones fussed over which gives them the appearance of being new and worthy:

“I’ve got a new bed!”

“Well I’ve got a newer one!”



It was not at all my intention, but I seem to have solved the problem of Toby sitting under my nose and playing with my keyboard.

This morning I saw him roaming around looking a bit confused and realised that when I moved the desks, I removed his access.

Because he can no longer leap up, he used to climb onto a chair, saunter across the two desks and when done with disrupting my typing, he would loiter over to sit under a window. But now, the desks sit like an island and I had moved Toby’s chair so that he would still be able to reach the window.

Well I can’t think of everything.

Anyway, Toby didn’t seem bothered by this thoughtless deprivation. He simply inserted himself into Penny’s favourite box and went to sleep.

10 thoughts on “Thoughtless

  1. I sympathise Carolyn. I have cataracts that, for the past 18 months, have been having a laugh at me. They are inconsistent and choose to do their own thing slowly. I have to wait until they are ripe for operating! Meanwhile, glasses on, glasses off, tilt head, sit with back to light etc.

    1. I had cataracts removed 18 months ago. Made a huge difference. Something for you to look forward to! Unfortunately I have the problem of diplopia requiring complicated prism lenses and they told me the situation could keep changing. Ho hum!

  2. “Easily fixed by re-orienting the desk.
    Has my theory proved to have merit?”

    Well – I hope so. All best on that.

    In terms of cats of a certain age and their mobility or lack thereof: You should know that the current number of my household cats is one. Nonetheless, I actually have three – yes – three – cardboard stairs climbing aids for said item.

  3. Wow, you’ve done quite a move around in your office. The most important thing, I think, is that you still need to be able to look out of a window. Come to think of it: Maybe your keyboard was just a distraction for Toby when he was actually heading for the window … I just hope Penny doesn’t give him too much trouble for choosing her cozy bed!

  4. I have always used HP computers, and have never owned anything Apple. (On principle against their cheap sweatshops in China.) I do have issues with bright sunshine in my office room, so I just wait until it has moved around the horizon. I can happily live without Apple computers and phones, as it saves me at least twice the inflated price of their tainted products, if not more.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Somehow I never heard about the sweatshops in China. I avoid things made in China on principle but it seems as if 80% of things we buy here come from there and they don’t make it easy to find out if you buy online. A friend was very Apple keen and I seemed to get on better with it. It is prophetic that today my Apple has seized up again, so am once more at the HP which is OK for everything except dealing with photographs. Scream!

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