13th April 2023

When you are tired, rundown, dispirited, or out of sorts in any number of ways, you exude negative energy.

That’s my theory.

And it explains why on days like this, nothing wants to work for me. Camera, cellphone, computer.

Or maybe that’s an excuse for just being a lame brain.


It started out well enough, despite the 2 am gigantic hairball produced by Willow. The sound was impressive enough to get me out of bed and I was relieved to find only a hairball, rather than a regurgitated mouse. (There had been some un-investigated squeaking before lights out)

Patches had urged me to rise early but I’d rejoiced that it was early enough to warrant a return to sleep.

It was the at post-breakfast stage that things went off the rails.

Tinkerbelle had violated Willow’s private shelf.

Did I mention the nature of Willow’s retaliation?


Perhaps this was the origin of, you should pardon the expression, being pissed off?

Sometimes I really wonder if Willow’s neat grey little body is not animated by the energy that previously occupied Panther.

When Panther was annoyed, he expressed it.

It occurred to me, as I chased Tinkerbelle off, that I should get out the roll of heavy-duty plastic as a precaution. But one can never be sure what Willow will select as a target.

In this case, she simply marked her territory, so you might say it was a “no-brainer”, but she is not usually predictable and what am I to do, drape the entire house in plastic?


These days I have an effective odor remover. It may be removing the lining of my lungs as well, but I do my best not to inhale it.

Grant insists that spraying outside the box is a grey-cat “thing” and it is true that every grey cat I have ever interacted with has been guilty as charged. I am more inclined to believe, however, that it is likely a Carolyn’s cats sort of thing rather than a grey cat thing.

Willow has recovered from Tinkerbelle’s slight. We came home from Big Lots that day with the perfect paper bag. It is just the right shape and size, so Madame is happy.

Till next time.


There were some cat blankets to wash.

A new sleeping arrangement to sort out for Lucy.

One thing and another. I finally sat down just as Grant returned from the Post Office:

“So are you ready to go?!”

“Wut? Where?”

“Pussy Willows! Remember?”



Earlier, I had been outside and taken note of the excessively warm temperature. Too warm too soon!

Let’s say I was un-enthusiastic.

Having discovered the Pussy-willows, we wanted to check on their progress and surely the warm weather would be speeding it up?

OK fine…

“Just there and back! No detours!”


Inserting myself in the car I checked to make sure the seat-warmer was in the OFF position! It is such a luxury in cold weather. Not now!

Not too far down the road, Grant thought we might benefit from employing the air conditioner.

Way back, way, way back, I existed without an air-conditioned car, though summers were a bitch. The 30-mile drive to work on a July or August afternoon, on Long Island was dire.

When air-conditioned cars became available for ordinary folk I thought I had died and gone to heaven. So I still do not take it for granted


It’s fair to say I don’t take anything for granted.

My camera was refusing to obey instructions which happens regularly when I am under par.

Somehow, it was not a surprise when we discovered that the car’s air conditioner was also refusing to cooperate.

Maybe it was not re-connected after the great re-wiring fiasco last year. I still liberate mice when I can, but I am less undone by their demise since they ate my car.

So, to keep cool, we employed the 4/60 method of air-conditioning. 4 windows open at 60 mph.


What are the chances we will get the air conditioning sorted without incurring another great financial outlay?

Best not to think about that.

Today’s sky is cloud-free. In winter, I celebrate it.

Summer, not so much! It’s psychological, I know. For years, when I was young, I was a Sun-worshiper, always chasing a healthy (sexy?) tan.

Now, on days such as this, I feel that the Sun will scorch me from the face of the Earth. I can’t account for why or even when exactly this change of attitude occurred.

It’s no good fretting about it in the middle of April. I’ll do my best to adjust.


Meanwhile, developments in the Osprey nest:

“Oh, hello. You’re back!”

“More photographs?


As I took these images, Grant exclaimed “Look!”

Suddenly the Osprey’s mate approached, carrying prey in it’s mighty talons.

It happened so quickly, I only managed a shot of its descent into the nest.

What a magnificent pair of wings!

What a splendid couple!


Timing really is everything. A few minutes one way or the other and we would not have witnessed the arrival of the second Osprey.

It was enough to make my day.


The Pussy-willow is coming along!

But I daresay we’ll be back!

10 thoughts on “Willows

  1. Thank you, Carolyn, for the lovely pictures of the spring. As you are so busy I wonder if you ever have time to watch the news…


      1. I thought that the presidential visit to the country of his roots was inspiring and positive, and no one was shot!


  2. I really enjoy reading your stories, and looking at your photos!
    Thank you for sharing. ❤️

  3. I have had some cars with airconditioning, the first one as long ago as 1977. Both of our current cars have it, but I still don’t use it. It is rarely hot enough in England to justify the increased fuel consumption. And when it is, I open the windows and enjoy the rarity of warm air.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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