1730/1st April 2023


“It never rains for long here!” said Grant, as a very soggy morning turned into a fine afternoon.

Soon after I went outside, using the back door so as not to disturb the newly emerged groundhog.


It appeared another weather change was imminent.

A storm was arriving from the southwest.


Watching from my window, a red flash caught my eye.

“You better hold on tight Mr Cardinal”, I said

“It’s going to get breezy out there.”


Trees and bushes stripped and winter-blasted.

Ready to embrace their New Year.

Their under clothes are remarkably colourful.

Bursting with new life.


Our now Topless Tree stood out against the storm.


Tumbling and thrashing it came,

like a bad-tempered dragon….


Chasing off the sunset

“We’ll have none of those warm hues this evening!”


For all the visual drama, it was a surprisingly restrained thunderstorm with only a few flashes and muffled drum rolls.

It took itself off into the night.

While I thoroughly enjoy a good storm, I am ever mindful of the many families in this country who have been devastated recently by one or another type of extreme weather.


A few clouds remained behind to greet a new dawn.


“What are you going to throw at me today?” asked TT


The Sun rose and poked holes in the Plan


Whatever it may have been.

It has turned into one of my favourite sorts of day.

Clear sky with a chill in the air.

Quiet, but for bird song carried on a gentle breeze stirring the trees and the tap tap of a wood pecker at the suet feeder.

A perfect Sunday afternoon,

10 thoughts on “Perfect

  1. Despite a lot of sunshine, we only managed 8C here today. Tonight is set to hover around 0C, so a chilly start to Monday. I am looking forward to getting my shorts out of the cupboard, but that still seems a long way off yet.
    Best wishes, Pet.

      1. It would be just like me to have a photograph of a UFO and not realise it. There are a lot of sightings in this part of the world!

  2. Wow, I thought with all those clouds you were going to experience a massive storm! But I’m sure the groundhog is the happiest of all that at least it didn’t turn into a storm … they must be so happy to be out and about again!

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