Con artists

0647/26th March 2023

This morning’s Sun tried so very hard to insert its morning rays beneath the thick layer of cloud that remained from last night’s storm.


A valiant attempt


One brief ray touched the trees beyond my wall.

Then it was gone.

Parts of the country have been devastated by storms this week.

A dusting of snow yesterday was the beginning of a storm that brought a howling wind and thrashing rain.

But for moderating temperatures, the storm could almost have matched our last “snow event”.

Further north it did, but we were spared once again.


“Manfred where have you been! You were gone all night!”

“And where’s our breakfast?”

“Not a good time to nag, Molly. I was lucky to escape with my life!”

“Stupid cats chased me. I waited them out behind a box. They got bored and went away, but just as I was making a break for it, that great hulking hooman moved the box and called the cats back!”

Images by Alexa from Pixabay

Manny I told you you shouldn’t eat their car!”

“It wasn’t me did that. It was Mouseafa and his gang.”

“Well never mind dear. We’ll find breakfast here.”



Peanuts perhaps?


Unusually, I had the luxury of waking unmolested this morning.

As you do, I lay there wondering if I should enjoy it or worry that something was wrong.

A curious noise drew my attention. A very small noise, a bit like a door opening a crack. It happened again and again and soon I suspected it was cat-related. I had better go check.

Willow and Tinkerbelle had corned a mouse behind the cat boxes. They were still there when I came back from filling seed trays, but they gave up their hunt in favour of breakfast.

After which the daily freeloader joined in.


Hard to believe 12 cats failed to catch the mouse.

Of course they don’t all join in but we have some major mousers:

Dee Dee, Lily, Willow, Tinkerbelle.

Some are keen cheer-leaders:

Blackie, Muffin, Patches

The rest are retired:

Toby, Lucy, Sophia, Penny

His Nibbs said he was just observing and when the mouse shot past and fled downstairs, he went out to chase squirrels instead.


But he soon gave that up and went off up the hill to look at the goats.

“Bye! See you for supper!”

Poor boy was sitting under the patio table late yesterday, in the rain. So now he knows there are two free meals to be had.


Nibbs has adopted Lily’s lifted paw attitude.

It’s not that Lily has a fear of commitment. She’s a Girl Guide Cat:

“Always Prepared”.

Certain other cats have realised that a raised paw makes them look vulnerable…adorable….

Con artists.

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