Least resistance

0730/9th March 2023

When you are really not in the mood for a proposed activity, you should absolutely say no. It’s my firm belief.


It’s not as simple as that.

Not for me, anyway.

We rather languished over breakfast this morning but after we hauled ourselves up, Grant announced that he intended taking the car to be washed.

(It’s important to get the salt off the undercarriage.)

In case I wanted to go? Just letting me know.

The only place I was considering going was back to bed, but I mulled the idea.

More photographs? Not needed! Change of scene? Eh.

A ride in the car? Oh no!


So why did I find myself pulling a jacket on and telling Willow I’d be “back soon”?

Often when I turn down the offer of an outing, Grant returns with stories of animal sightings.

So I always consider this, but am not usually influenced.

And today I wanted to catch up on “things”.

But there we were, under way to Greenwich, catching up to a putt-putt which caused Grant to turn off the road onto an alternate route.

And before long…


“Ducks!” said the man.

Marching down the road toward us


“Single file, now! And hurry it up!

“Quack Leader is getting ahead!”

“Pay no attention to the humans in the mobile!”


Already the day had improved. Two minutes later:


A turkey outing!

They crossed the road at a sedate pace,

and stalked off into a corn field.

Two minutes after that, we came upon these two friends.

They lifted their sweet faces as we passed.

The car gets washed in Schuylerville, where there is a little park. Sometimes there are wildfowl.

Today the locks were still quite frozen.

It was the wrong time for a walk.


But the tourist board had called out a couple of geese.

Not best pleased about being disturbed.

Some comments need not be spoken.

Madame showed off, tying herself in a knot.

And leaving a delicate comment of her own.


As we drove on, they waddled off toward the icy bank.

“Make a note, Mildred. We get overtime pay for disturbances!”

No demerits from the cats, as we arrived home in time for their lunch!

How did I know the outing would be productive? I am certainly not psychic, have no second sight.

When I have to make decisions, large or small, I think unconsciously I lean one way and then the other and give in to whichever option evokes the least resistance.

Which is probably what we all do, deep down.

9 thoughts on “Least resistance

    1. My reply appears not to have gone through. Maybe WP censored me for being facetious. In nice, neat, lovely Vermont they put sand on icy roads but here in messy old NY we get nasty, corrosive salt.

  1. Thanks so very much for this – post and pictures. Canada geese have become a personal sign of hope and of change, of moving on. It came again in a little way yesterday…. and now here they are as well. The Lord is telling me to step away from my busyness and to lean in… and really listen. Again, thank you.

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