23rd February 2023

Snowy mornings always provide enchanting images.

Unless you don’t like birds.


Master Sparrow met with the Longbeaks delegate,

to establish the pecking order, as it were.

Not that it made a scrap of difference, but he had to be seen to try.


“Mrs C, I’m afraid there may be a crowd this morning.”

“Yes, I see what you mean!

Starlings arrive in a great fluster.

Then they do a lot of standing around and posing.

Acting tough.

When they get bored with that, they relocate to terrorize someone else’s feeder.

“Oh Mrs Woodpecker, I’m so glad when they go!”

“Husband, are you down there? You can come out now.”


A head appeared from behind the snow pile:


“Eh, eh!” said the Crow. “What’s all this then?”

“If you change the venue for breakfast, I expect to be notified!”


“Cark! Everybody! It’s over here this morning!”

“Where’s that silly flock?”


“I’m going in. Down the slope I go. Wheee.”

The Bluejay was impressed!


“Show off!”

It’s fun. Just spread your claws and slide.”





“How do I get bullied into these things?”

“Abort! Abort!”

“Birds were meant to fly, not slide!”

“I’m a Crow not a flippin’ Penguin!”


“Alright, I humbly apologise.”

“You want me to kiss your toes? Here have some of my seed.”


“Like you had anything to do with it! That woman brings it.”

“That was a pretty stylish go-around you did.”

“Oh shut up and eat!”

“Well if you’re really not going to talk to me…”

“I’m going to do it again.”

“Penguins slide, but Crows ski!”

“Yo! Did you catch that?”

“Pretty neat, eh?”


Apparently he’s a *Canadian Crow.



*Canadians are known for seeking confirmation: “eh”?

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