Seeing it.

1340/2nd February 2023

Before venturing out this morning, I consulted my phone which informed me that a balmy -25 C/-13 F would waken my senses on the other side of the door.

Time for the sheepskin coat and even a woolly hat.

A brisk wind was re-distributing a dusting of snow and howling through the woods.

There didn’t seem much point in refilling the water bowls just to have them freeze again, so my job was soon done.

In such temperatures one should not linger, but I found myself thinking the weather people must be all wrong. It simply was not that cold.

There was no temptation to haul out a deck chair, but I could certainly consider a photograph or two. My fingers were not protesting as they normally do when it’s very cold.

If it was really so cold, there would be frost to photograph in the garage door windows.

So I left Grant to deal with cat breakfast and grabbed the camera.

Sun rose with a coppery tint which bathed the world in a warm gold light which was quite different to other times that I have photographed frosty windows.

The light was much more rich than I realised!…

…liquid gold.

Maybe the angle of the Sun was different.

Even partly shaded windows glittered like gold.

Maybe this is that “end of the rainbow” gold?

We certainly had enough of those recently!

In the days when I had to scrape frost from my windshield…

…I could never have imagined ever getting excited about it.

Where the light was different the images were more platinum…

…or silver…

Almost like feathers trapped in amber.

It’s all a matter of humidity and temperature and no doubt depends on the condition of the glass, what liquid it may have been cleaned with.

Perhaps little bits of cobweb in there too.

A friend asked whether I travel these days.

As I have often said, I gave all that up long ago.

Travelling was part of my youth. I gained so much from it. I met so many very wonderful ordinary people just like me. I shall remember many of them for the rest of my life.

Does it make a difference that I think of those people from time to time and hope that they are well? I can’t see how, but I still do it. I think it is important not to forget people.

When I was forced to abandon travelling, the Universe provided me with a wonderful substitute.

All I need do is walk a few steps from my house and look around.

Often what we cherish most is right in front of us.

If only we can see it.

7 thoughts on “Seeing it.

  1. You say it’s important not to forget people. I agree – I am looking forward to my 65th reunion at Middlebury College in June. In anticipation I was part of a ZOOM call yesterday. That is a primitive technology for me – I don’t use it often enough so I struggle in getting set up. Anyhow, I succeeded and what fun it was to see and talk with about 20 of my classmates of 65+ years ago.

  2. Thank you, Carolyn, for wonderful and unique pictures! Many greats said the same thing as you had. This is Paulo Coelho’s:
    ” The simple things are the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see it.”

    I have the same problem with water freeing in the containers for the birds. As it is vital that they have water to drink and wash, I pour hot water into the containers and it let the birds to dink and wash in warm water, which they and their tummies and little feet love.


  3. The only time I experienced -25C was in Leningrad. And that was COLD! We could only stay outside for around an hour, and the sea was frozen. Must have been the wind chill. You made the very best of the adverse weather, as you usually do.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. Oh my word, -25C … I’m dead! Go back in the house Carolyn … or wait, not yet, because your frosty photos are truly beautiful! Gold, silver and platinum – such amazing colours! And thank you for the beautiful truth: “To cherish most that is right in front of us” 🌸.

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